7th Time Loop is Unexpectedly Good

Key points for 7th time Loop – First Impressions:

  • The 7th Time Loop anime stands out by exploring a time loop scenario where the protagonist, Rishe, experiences different lives and deaths in each cycle, adding depth and nuance to the plot.
  • Rishe’s attempts to break the loop by trying various approaches in each of the six cycles provide a refreshing take on the familiar tropes of framed characters and romantic rejection, offering a unique and engaging narrative.
  • The anime captivates viewers with its distinctive art style, featuring visually appealing character and outfit designs. The animations are well-executed, contributing to the overall enjoyment of the series.

Opposite to something like Chained Soldier or Gushing Over Magical Girls, sometimes I stumble onto animes like this. And I love my job for it because I probably would’ve never even considered this anime if it wasn’t for this job. And believe me, 7th Time Loop is pretty awesome so far. I don’t know what the future holds for this anime, at the time of writing, even episode 2 is not out yet. But episode 1 by itself was good enough to get me hooked.

The whole setup and execution of the plot in episode 1 was great, So yeah, welcome back to another first impressions article. And I want people to check out this anime. Today, we are talking about the 7th Time Loop. I am not going to write the full name, because it’s very long. Either way, let’s get started right away!

3 images into the post, you can already see how different Rushe’s loops have been each time

What do I Think of the 7th Time Loop Anime so far?

As the name suggests, our main character is stuck in a time loop. She gets framed and rejected by her fiance. We’ve seen both of these tropes before. In fact, Tearmoon Empire used this trope to great effect last season. So why is this anime any different? I like it because of the simple fact that Rishe tried different things in all 6 previous loops. Her life would end after 5 years of every cycle, so she tried her best to live it to the fullest and possibly break the loop repeating every 5 years.

A good chunk of the first episode is dedicated to showing how she spent the previous 6 cycles. And the cause of Rishe’s death was also different every single time. I like details like these, they add a lot more nuance to the plot. Most of the anime that follow this time loop/villainess trope don’t have this kind of depth to them. Usually, it’s just 1 cycle or if it is multiple cycles, people often do the same things. But here we have Rishe who lived 6 completely different lives and died 6 times because of different causes.

We will see how the characters and the plot progress going forward. Another thing I’d like to highlight is the art style. It instantly catches your eyes and the animations themselves are pretty good as well. I love the character and outfit designs so far as well. I look forward to seeing more of this anime.

That is all for now!

7th Time Loop Episode 1 gets an easy 8/10 from me. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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