A Galaxy Next Door is a bit Meh…

Key takeaways from A Galaxy Next Door mid-season review:

  • Lack of Impact: “A Galaxy Next Door” suffers from a lack of impactful scenes, with the initial reveal being the only moment that truly grabs the audience’s attention.
  • Weak Confessions: The confession scenes in the anime lack build-up and excitement, making them dry and uninteresting compared to other romance series.
  • Underutilized Characters and Bland Plot: The characters in the series feel underutilized due to a weak plot, resulting in a bland and unengaging viewing experience.

First Impressions - Otonari ni Ginga - Lost in Anime

Adding unexpected supernatural elements in rom-com can do wonders for the plot. See, rom-coms kind of get bland after a certain point, so the plot needs to be strong enough to carry the series through that phase. Of course, this can be circumvented by having the confession scene as the last scene but still.

A Galaxy Next Door Messes up the timing of both of those things. It could have been a very interesting story but it turned out to be kind of meh.

So welcome back to another one of my mid-season reviews. Today I will be talking about A Galaxy Next Door. There will be spoilers ahead so please keep that in mind.

Otonari ni Ginga Episode 7

What do I think about A Galaxy Next Door?

The main problem with this anime is that its scenes lack any impact. You know, in the first episode, all this alien stuff is revealed, you feel like ‘Hey, this could be really interesting’. And a few episodes later, it is almost completely gone. That initial reveal was the only scene from this anime that had an impact on me. A really interesting story could’ve been built around it but it went nowhere for the most part.

Coming to the confession scenes now, there was no build-up or excitement to them. The Angel Next Door had a shit anime adaptation but that series makes you beg on your knees for a confession till it finally happens. In ToniKawa, no build-up makes sense, it is something that was done in very much the tension of the moment. Both of those things are lacking in the confession scenes of A Galaxy Next Door so they come off as dry and dull.

New poster and trailer for the anime series “Otonari ni Ginga” (The Galaxy  Next Door) on the cover of a new issue of.. | VK

While the character writing is not bad, the characters could’ve been used in a much better way in my opinion. They feel underutilized because of how bad the plot is, I enjoy watching SoL romance anime but there has to be some reason to keep watching, Whenever I watch this anime, I feel like sleeping because of how bland it is. And in my opinion, being outright bad and still being enjoyable is far better than being bland. Most isekais for me fall into the bad but enjoyable af category.


Look, I am not here to blindly hate this anime. I want to like it, it is from a genre I love but A Galaxy Next Door is just bland. That makes it really hard to watch or recommend to anyone. Let me know what you think in the comments though. I will take my leave here. This anime could’ve been so good but it is not. See ya!

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