A Returner’s Magic Should be Special Could be Special

Key points for A Returner’s Magic Should be Special First Impressions:

  • A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special breaks away from the generic fantasy/isekai formula with its “time-travel plot”, offering an interesting twist to the genre.
  • The protagonist’s lack of overwhelming strength adds depth, as he creatively uses low-level spells, making for a more relatable and interesting character.
  • While the main character shines, there’s room for development in supporting characters and the animation quality, giving the series potential for growth beyond its current 7/10 rating.

I decided to give this anime a try after hearing about it on Reddit. And I was ready for another generic isekai. But I was pleasantly surprised when I actually watched the two episodes that are out as of now. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special has the potential to be very good if certain plot elements are handled properly.

I really hope that this show doesn’t fall into the cliche “daily life at a magic academy” category because this show has a lot of things it can do. The setup for the plot was great now I just hope that they can follow up on this setup.

Either way, let’s get into more details. So welcome back to another edition of our first impressions series. The fall season continues and today we are talking about A Returner’s Magic Should be Special.

What do I think of A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special so far?

As the name suggests, the MC traveled back in time 10 years, essentially returning to an important point in his life. How did he die? Well, the world is being taken over by a dark fog and no life can exist inside it. The only way to defeat the dark fog is to kill the dragon ruling the dark side. 6 people including the MC finally manage to defeat the dragon but on its death, the concentrated mana inside its body makes its corpse detonate taking out all of them.

At this point, the MC wakes up 10 years ago on the day of his entrance exam to the Hebrion Academy. The party who reached the dragon and someone special to the MC, Romantica were all students of this academy. Now, one thing I really like is that the MC isn’t really that strong. Yes, he can cancel magic but that doesn’t really serve as an offense. So he gets creative with the few low-level spells he does know and uses them in interesting ways as shown in episode 2.

The MC character is pretty good in general. The way he treats people he already knew before the reset, the way he berates them for their flaws, and that “nostalgic: smile he has when speaking to Romantica really make him stand out. Aside from him though, the other characters are going to need some work if they want to shine. The animations and art style are more or less functional. The CGI on the dragon in the first episode looked off but other than that, the show looks fine. Nothing too special or anything like that.

That is all for now!

For now, I think it is fair to give A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special a 7/10. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, I will take my level here. It is really late here. See ya!!

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