A Sign of Affection Episode 1 Was Everything I Hoped For & More!

Key points for A Sign of Affection Episode 1 review:

  • “A Sign of Affection” Episode 1 really struck a chord with me, delivering the proper romance anime experience I’ve been craving.
  • I can’t help but praise the anime’s character designs – they may not be detailed or quirky, but they are visually appealing and uniquely distinctive. The inclusion of small details, like characters speaking slower for the hearing-impaired protagonist, adds depth to the experience.
  • The dynamic between Yuki and Itsuomi feels so fresh. Itsuomi’s confidence and the departure from the typical introverted male protagonist trope make “A Sign of Affection” stand out for me. This anime is promising, and Episode 1 has easily become my favorite of the week.

I knew that A Sign of Affection was going to be good. It just gave off that wholesome romance anime feeling that I had been craving for. Mind you, I said romance proper, not rom-com or anything like that. It has been a while since we had a nice proper romance anime. And Sign of Affection is probably going to fill that spot for all of us romance enjoyers. And man, A Sign of Affection Episode 1 was great. Easily one of the best romance introductions I have seen and I enjoyed every single moment of this episode with a stupid smile on my face.

So welcome back to yet another first impressions article. And this right here might be my favorite episode of the week. Sasaki and Peeps Episode 1 is just behind this in the rankings as of now. Either way, today we are talking about a Sign of Affection episode 1! Let’s get started!

What do I think of A Sign of Affection Episode 1?

I genuinely can’t put into words just how heartwarming this episode was. For starters, WHY DOES EVERYONE IN THIS ANIME LOOK SO GOOD??? Generally, when I praise an anime for character design, it is because the designs are very detailed, quirky, or a mixture of the two. But the character designs in this anime are neither of those things yet they look great and unique. Aside from the great art style, I also appreciate the little details in this anime. Yuki cannot hear so everyone talks a little slower around her to make it easier for Yuki to read their lips.

The episode is filled with small details like these. Yuki’s characterization has been so good. Her reactions to things are adorable. I also love her and Rin’s dynamic. True best friends duo lol. As for Itsuomi, I love the confidence he has. Usually, the male MC is the introverted one in romance animes but I am so glad that this anime kind of flips that trope. That trope has become a little overused over the years. That said, Yuki herself isn’t exactly an introvert. This is why I like the characterization of the main duo, it is a breath of fresh air.

Isuomi is such a rizz lord, and you know, for how well he treated Yuki even when they met for the first time, he deserves her. I usually have a few complaints about male MCs in romance animes but this time, I’ve got none.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. This anime looks extremely promising and A Sign of Affection Episode 1 is definitely my favorite episode of the week. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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