About the New LycoReco Anime Project…

Ok, I’ll be honest, I jumped around like a little kid when I saw this announcement. I’ve said this multiple times, LycoReco was one of my favorites from 2022 and I’d be glad to get more content for it anytime. Looks like A1 Pictures heard our wishes and we are getting something new related to this awesome series… hopefully soon,

I know this announcement came a few weeks ago, but it is so small that I couldn’t dedicate a full article to it as is. So what I will do in this article is I will go over the announcement first. Which will barely be a whole para then I will list off the possibilities for this new anime project. We’ll see which one comes true later on~

So let’s get started.

Why Lycoris Recoil was one of the best anime of Summer 2022?

The Announcement

So LycoReco had this event a few days ago, called “Lycoris Recoil CafΓ© Presents After Party! Tomorrow is another day”. Yes, that is actually the name of the event. I don’t know why Japanese people love these kinds of extravagant names. Anyhow, in this event, A1 Pictures announced a new anime project for LycoReco. That’s it, they didn’t specify what it was or anything, just a “new anime project”. So now I will move on to my speculation.

My Thoughts and Speculation

Again, everything I am about to say is purely speculation. So let’s start.

  1. A 2nd Season: This in my opinion is quite unlikely unless they really want to milk the series. Also if it actually was a 2nd season, I think they proudly clarify it as such. The way things ended, I don’t think there is room for a whole 2nd season. Well, maybe if they focus on other characters… but, that is my next point.
  2. A “spin-off” focused on characters other than Chisato and Takina. Even if they term it as a 2nd season, it will be a spin-off in my eyes. But, I think this is the most likely option. An OVA, a special, or maybe even a movie centered around someone like Majima or the aftermath of season 1. This is a pretty cool option with a lot of possibilities and I think we will get this one.
  3. A recap movie. This is the 2nd most likely option in my opinion. Allows them to milk the success of season 1 some more while not really needing to think of a whole new story or something. I would be really disappointed if a recap movie is what we get.

Lycoris Recoil represents the changing face of action anime for girls - US  Today News

Those are the 3 possibilities I ca think of for this new anime project. Again, I think a spin-off or a recap movie is more likely than a whole 2nd season but, that is just me. I wouldn’t mind a 2nd season but, I don’t want them to ruin the ending of season 1 just to milk the IP further. We will see though.


That is all for now. This was a bit of a random article, you know, a lot of speculation involved. I hope we get to see what this new anime project is soon and I hope it’s not a recap film. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. If you haven’t already, seriously, go check out LycoReco now. You won’t regret it. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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