Adachi and Shimura, LN Recommendation of the Week!

Article at a glance:

  • Adachi and Shimura stand out as well-developed protagonists, breaking stereotypes and evolving realistically throughout the series.
  • The slow-paced narrative allows for a genuine exploration of the protagonists’ feelings, fostering a heartwarming and believable romantic connection.
  • With a simple yet effective plot, supported by charming character interactions and adorable artwork, Adachi and Shimura delivers a delightful slice-of-life experience worth immersing oneself in.

You knew this was coming. The moment I wrote a VN recommendation article, you knew I’d eventually do one for some LN as well. And well, today is that day. I decided to start with Adachi and Shimura because, as you may know, romance is among my favorite genres. And also because this LN doesn’t get the recognition it often deserves. While nothing special in terms of the plot, it handles both of the protagonists and their relationship incredibly well. And I wanted to highlight that today.

So welcome to my first LN recommendation article. And of course, from this point on, I will do a mix of all recommendation articles with at least two different ones every week. So yeah, this should be fun. Today, of course, we are talking about Adachi and Shimura. So let’s get started.

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Adachi and Shimura is an LN written by Hitoma Iruma and illustrated by Non. It has been serialized since October 2012 in the Dengeki Bunko magazine. This LN has 2 manga adaptations, the first one concluded in 2016 while the second one began in 2019 and is still ongoing. If you want to check out the manga, check out the 2019 one, please. Although, I have to say, the LN is still be best medium when it comes to this series in particular. It also has an anime adaptation so if you want to “test” the series before jumping into the LN, watch that.


It is a typical slice of life with romance elements so there isn’t much here in terms of the plot. Shimura and Adachi are both skipping classes one day and become friends. Adachi slowly develops feelings for Shimura and eventually confesses to her, which causes their relationship to change further day by day. It is a simple plot, gets the job done, and makes room for the characters to shine. That is all you need in a slice-of-life/romance series. It is also purposefully slow, exploring both characters in detail before moving on with the relationship stuff.

Speaking of


Both Adachi and Shimura are very well-written. While at first glance, their characters appear to be quite stereotypical, that is not the case. Adachi is deeply introverted and actively avoids getting involved with people. But over time, she develops feelings for Shimura and she also gets a little insecure when Shimura talks to others lol. For Shimura, Adachi initially is just one of her friends while for Adachi, Shimura is her only friend. This soon changes, of course, as near the end of volume 3, Adachi works up her courage to finally confess her feelings.

Shimura herself isn’t very sociable. She doesn’t like to socialize but ends up having to deal with it anyway because she is good at looking after others. She is not as introverted as Adachi but she too is an introvert. The LN shifts between the perspective of these two giving us greater insight into their characters. Combine these two with a good cast of side characters and you have a lot to sink your teeth into.


I mean, in an LN, does the art even matter?? You will only see it on the cover pages and once or twice every chapter anyway so…? But still, the art for this LN is pretty good. The art style is cute as hell and fits perfectly with the vibe of the series.

Summing Up

Why should you read Adachi and Shimura:

  • Cute art
  • Amazing protagonists
  • Great chemistry and character interactions

That is all for now! Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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