An Archdemon’s Dilemma is an Interesting Case

Key points for An Archdemon’s Dilemma First Impressions:

  • The anime exhibits a promising exploration of character backgrounds, particularly with protagonist Zagan and Nephy, providing depth to their interactions and motivations.
  • Despite some cliches, the series maintains a sense of continuity, especially with Zagan’s socially awkward behavior and Nephy’s gradual adaptation to her new environment, grounded in plausible circumstances.
  • The comedic elements, fueled by Zagan’s awkwardness and humorous dialogue, add an enjoyable layer to the series, enhancing the overall entertainment value despite its flaws.

I decided to give this anime a chance at a friend’s recommendation. And this anime has turned out to be an interesting one. On one hand, it does have the potential to be good, I enjoyed the first two episodes a lot. On the other hand, it is also ridden with the usual fantasy cliches and a few contrivances as well. And because of how much I enjoyed the first two episodes, I really want An Archdemon’s Dilemma to be good by the end.

So welcome back to another first impressions article. This once we are talking about An Archdemon’s Dilemma. As I mentioned, I am of two minds about this anime. As a casual watcher, I enjoyed both episodes, I think they were quite fun. But when I look back at them from a critic’s perspective, things aren’t that great, I will mostly focus on the casual fun side in this article, and I’ll save my critiques for when the series ends. So let’s get started.

What do I think of An Archdemon’s Dilemma?

First off, I appreciate how there is a certain continuity to everything in this anime. Zagan is very socially awkward and says stupid things at timesβ€”a troupe we have seen played out a lot over the years. But here, it makes sense. He has been alone most of his life and rarely leaves his castle only to buy food. Speaking of, he mostly eats very plain food because there was a time when that was all he could afford and because of that, he has “forgotten” what proper food is like.

He even has a reason as to why Nephy piqued his interest to the point where he spent all of his savings buying her. It is not love at first sight for some arbitrary reason, it is because she reminded him of when he was younger and alone barely surviving just like her. And what I said in the first paragraph applies to Nephy as well. It takes a moment for her to open up to Zagan and adapt to her new surroundings. We have only seen glimpses of her past but it is not hard to imagine what kind of life she had led to this point.

All the technical stuff aside, their interactions are hilarious to watch as well. As I mentioned, Zagan says some stupid stuff at times, and knowing his thoughts behind that makes it funnier. If the series continues focusing on these strengths, I think it will turn out to be pretty good at the end.

That is all for now!

For now, I can only give An Archdemon’s Dilemma a 6/10 because of the plot holes and contrivances I mentioned earlier. But don’t get it twisted, I still enjoyed both the released episodes a lot. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. I hope that this anime turns out to be good. With that said, see ya!

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