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Key takeaways from Am I Actually the Stronges – First Impressions:

  • “Am I Actually the Strongest” has a generic and fan-service-heavy first episode, but it holds potential due to interesting plot threads.
  • The protagonist’s nobility angle and the speculation about demon reincarnation offer intriguing storylines to explore in future episodes.
  • Despite its average start, the anime receives a 6/10 rating, leaving room for improvement as the plot develops.

I did not originally plan on doing an article for this anime. You know, I don’t like to spread negativity so I usually avoid talking about stuff I did not like. Am I Actually the Strongest has a very generic OP MC first episode. So why am I talking about it? Well, because the episode started some interesting plot threads.

Yes, that is the only reason I am talking about this anime. Despite the generic af first episode, this anime surprisingly has a few interesting plot threads to talk about. I have no idea how those threads will be followed up upon but I’d like to talk about them today.

So welcome back to another one of my first impressions articles. Today I am talking about Am I Actually the Strongest. So let’s get started,

What do I think about Am I Actually the Strongest?

Let me make this very clear, this anime so far feels like a very generic, fan-service isekai. The only reason I am talking about this in the first place is because I think it has potential. I don’t know how much of that potential will be realized but I do think there are a few interesting points here. Like an average isekai, of course, we start with a quick flashback and a rebirth scene. Not much was said or explained there, just dropped into the new world.

As the title says the MC is stupidly overpowered, so much so that the measurement devices of that world can’t measure his power. Since he was born into nobility, he was perceived as weak and thrown away as an infant. Here is where the first interesting plot point comes in, how will the whole nobility angle progress in the future? If used well, this angle could greatly benefit the storyline.

Am I Actually the Strongest? Anime Gets Trailer, Additional Cast - Anime  Corner

The 2nd interesting plot point is about the demons. The MC’s foster father realizes just how strong he is and the fact that a strong demon is in his service and thinks that the MC may be a demon reincarnated. Which we know is not true but the demon reincarnation stuff will likely play a role in the story down the line. And once again, it could be really interesting depending on how it is done.

Aside from these two plot points, I don’t think there is much else to talk about from this episode. As I said, it was very average and even forgettable for the most part. The animations or soundtracks are nothing to write home about either.


That is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Am I Actually the Strongest Episode 1 gets a 6/10 from me. There were some fun aspects to it but it was mostly your average isekai stuff. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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