Anime Art Drawing – Tips to Make Your Art Better

Anime Art Drawing - Tips to Make Your Art Better

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Anime Art Drawing – Tips to Make Your Art Better

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Do you struggle with manga and anime art drawings? If that’s the case, then you have opened the right web-page today! Through this article, we will share some drawing tips that will help you improve your anime art!

Struggling at anime and manga art drawings is nothing to worry about! Because you are not alone! All the great manga and anime art artists have started from scratch at some point. With practice and help from tutorials & tips, they improved their skills over time.

If you are willing and consistent with practice, nothing can stop you from becoming a great anime artist yourself.

Here is a collection of drawing tips that will improve your Anime Art instantly and help you get to the next level.

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Understand the Anime Anatomy

We all know that manga and anime art drawings are all about BREAKING the Rules! But that’s not possible unless you have an understanding of the human and anime character anatomy. The first step in improving your anime drawings is to get hold of the anime anatomy and its basics.

For this, you can use beginners’ drawing books. These books have rules and principles such as size ratio for the eyes, shoulders, arms, torso, etc. Furthermore, using intersecting lines to draw ears, eyes, neck, and rest of the body helps you to draw like a professional.

Anime art comes with great freedom and flexibility to draw. Once you know the basic rules, you will modify them to draw what you want.

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Reference Images Are Helpful

One of the biggest misconceptions of beginner anime artists is that they can reinvent the wheel. Though it’s possible for other art forms, it’s not the case for manga or anime art drawings. Creating your style is only possible by modifying the character’s face, dress, hairstyle, background, or motifs.

So hence to create your anime masterpiece, you need to gather reference images. You can make a collection of anime images by the artists you admire or from anime cartoons such as Naruto, one-piece, and many more.

You must be wondering how reference images help you to improve your art? With these reference images, you can define your own style and modify certain elements. When you have a collection of anime reference images, you will never run out of inspiration and ideas for your next drawing.

So never hesitate to gather reference anime art images to fuel up your drawings.

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Bring Along Different Elements from Reference Images

Anime art is all about drawing the images in your own unique style and way. But how can you define your aesthetic by using the reference images? It’s simple. You just have to pick different elements from the work you love and combine them to improve your anime art. The ultimate benefit of this trick is that you will never end up copying the image. The trick is to look at different reference images to pick the hairstyle, facial expressions, landscape, motifs, etc. Experimenting with anime art using this trick helps you to improve your manga and anime art drawings. And the best part would be that it will result in a unique drawing with elements that you enjoy and love the most.

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Try Different Things

There comes a time in manga and anime art drawings when you feel like you are drawing the same things. And drawing the same thing – landscapes, characters, hairstyle or facial expression – or even the same character is dangerous for anime drawing. To become a better and great anime artist, you should be able to draw everything. When you can draw any kind of anime character, background, or landscape, you can manipulate even the anime drawings’ basic drawings to create a masterpiece. Step out of your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to try out everything. With consistency and practice, you can easily get better at your anime art.

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Getting the Idea of Area

If you want to become better at sketching hairstyles, the best trick is to get a clear idea of the hairline and its area. Hairstyle and eyes are the most crucial element of anime art. Therefore, getting the area to draw the hairstyle is very important. Once you get the hairline right, use light sketches to form the overall hairstyle. Light sketches give an organic and more original look. Draw the hair shape and then correct it. Add volume to the hairstyle by drawing light waves. Whether you want to draw a sleek hairstyle, long/short hairstyle, or messy one, use the same rules. First, get the hairline and area of your hairstyle. Then sketch the hair shape and then add detail to the hairstyle with short wavy lines and shading.

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Follow the Guidelines

Another great tip to become better at anime art is to follow the guidelines. Even the great and professional artists follow the guidelines. These guidelines allow you to draw even the most challenging anime elements. Guidelines are helpful, especially for sketching the body of the anime character. Start by drawing a pose. When you follow the guidelines, you can compare the body shapes and sizes. The benefit of following the anime art drawing guidelines is that you avoid anatomy errors.

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Challenge Yourself and Be Open To Criticism

If you want to become a better anime artist to sketch anime masterpieces, you shouldn’t be afraid of challenges. Whatever you find difficult to draw, don’t stop drawing it. You can’t improve at your drawing unless you take challenges. If you think that you can draw something, practice it. And when you sketch, show it to your friends and family. Also, share your anime art drawings on the anime communities on social media. Ask people to tell what your drawing is lacking and see what they tell you to improve it. Don’t feel bad when people criticize your artwork. Take it positively and improve your errors.

Whether you love drawing anime art drawings, comic books, or flipbooks, keep practicing if you want to become better. Use these tips and search for more on anime communities and online. Try out these sketches and tell us whether these tips are helpful or not?


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