5 Ways to Promote Your Anime Art on Social Media

5 Ways to Promote Your Anime Art on Social Media

Are you an anime artist?

Have you found a home yet on one of the popular social media?

Or are you still struggling to eke a reputation?

The social media jungle is as finicky as it is beneficial. For those who have found their way around it, it is like a gold mine, spewing love and following in zillions. For the others, the experience might seem a little short of a jungle safari as they struggle to carve their niche among hundreds of other anime artists. The experience is especially frustrating if you’re putting in genuine efforts and not yielding any fruition.

Does the social media ordeal seem like something you’re going through?

Having been in the anime art business for some time now, we’re lending a helping hand.

Follow our 5 easy and effective ways to promote your anime art on social media:

1. Engage Actively with Your Followers

When you’re on social media, know that the word “social” can be imperative.

Followers don’t want to see a robot posting art and expecting people to like, comment, and share. No matter how celestial your art is, your actual social media presence is determined by how actively you engage with your followers (this doesn’t mean you stop putting efforts in making good art).

Make your art interactive. Ask for suggestions for your next art. Post-time-lapse videos, progress pictures. Host giveaways on certain occasions, such as when your account hits a milestone. Even a quick contest seeking the best name for an upcoming art is a great way to engage your followers.

Moreover, let people know the face behind the art. Keep a fun, yet informative bio to let people know the human face behind your tantalizing arts. Respond to messages as frequently as you can. Remember, more messages mean more sharing and a wider reach!

By: @ryuokz on Instagram

2. Harness the Power of Multiple Social Media 

If you look closely, multiple social media thrive because each one of them serves a different and unique purpose. Find what works best on each channel and release various versions of the same post on different social media (For instance, your favorite anime art channel Anime Ignite is on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.). Use them in tandem. For example, if you’re releasing an anime art a few days later, you can post a teaser video on FB and tweet about the same.

Being on multiple social media harmonizes consistency and encourages users to follow you on all of them. Multiple social media presence also means a wider playground to attract new followers.

PS: Don’t overdo it though. Limit yourself to a handful of channels you can manage and update regularly.

~ Shisui Uchiha

By: @sensei_ejpaguntalan on Instagram

3. Schedule Your Posts

Do you have dozens of amazing posts on your social media for quite some time now and yet you can’t seem to build a following?

Here’s a neat little trick. People of different demographics are densely active on social media at different times of the day. Research your target audience and find out their peak active timings according to your target demographics and schedule your posts at those times of the day. Plenty of free and paid tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Oomph make this hassle-free for you.

Scheduling posts help you regularize your posting behavior and aligns it with your target audience’s active time, which in turn helps you stay afloat in the sea of social media.

~Norman 22194/Yakusoku no Neverland

By: @mikanndraws on Instagram

4. Use Paid Advertisements to Promote Your Art

If you are creating some good art but art not able to gain traction, you can try your hand at paid advertisements on social media.  Various social media have their own forms of paid and promoted ads.

In recent years, Facebook ads have been found to be the most effective when it comes to investing in paid social media advertisement.  Facebook boasts of being the most used social media platform on the planet. Plus, the Facebook Ad algorithm targets people relevantly instead of pushing random content in their feeds.)

5. Links, Hashtags, and Tagging

Remember engaging actively with your followers? Links, hashtags, and tagging are your cue to inviting followers who do like or might like your posts on social media to your art page.

Each platform has its own way to link content together and make it come alive by tagging relevant people and pages. For instance, did you know Instagram categorizes content based on hashtags? Proper Instagram hashtags can take you miles if done in the right manner. Similarly, tagging fellow artists, especially someone with an established social media following can enable them to lend you a helping hand in promoting your anime art on social media.  

Think of it this way: a tag or a link to your content binds your content together. Following a few properly navigating chain of links, a follower can land on your page and discover a talented anime artist they would like to follow!

Bonus: Learn from Others!

You know them. They’re out there, doing the stuff you’re dreaming of. Why not take a leaf out of their book and try something that has proven to actually work? If you haven’t already, find a social media inspiration. Track their habits, their language, and the way they make their followers so happy that they want to come to them again and again. Then, use it in your own style to build your social media presence. We’re sure you’ll pick one or two useful tips out of such practical cases!

Do you have a tried and tested social media tip you’d like to share?

Let us know!

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