Anime Girl Art – How you can draw them

Different Types of Anime Girls - How you can draw them

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Anime Girl Art – How you can draw them

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One of the milestones in anime art is Anime Girl Art. Without mastering the girl anime, you will never become a great anime artist. However, drawing the perfect anime girl could be a daunting task. It is because there is a wide range of options to draw an anime girl.

If you want to improve your anime girl sketching, then you are on the right web-page. Here is a collection of drawing tips for Anime Girl Art to improve and level-up your drawings.

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Draw an anime Loli step by step

One of the best anime girl art for beginners is an Anime Loli. Making your sketch becomes very easy when you follow the step-by-step guide. To draw the perfect anime loli, you need to start from the head outline.


The best way to get the facial shape, head outline, eyes, and ears shape is to start from a rough circle.  Always sketch using light pencil strokes so that you can easily erase the extra outlines, use vertical or cross-sectional lines to get the position of the eyes and ears.


Always decide whether your character’s ears are visible or not before starting the sketch. To sketch the eyes of the always begin with the lashes. You must be wondering when to draw the eyebrows?


Well, eyebrows should be drafted before or after drawing a hairline. Use a horizontal line to get the position of the ears and eyes as well as the shape. For iris, use an oblong shape no matter what eye shape.


Draw the nose and mouth of the character in the middle of the horizontal line. Once you are done with the face, the next step is to draw the hair. You can keep the hair short, long braised, or ponytailed.


Always start by drawing a hairline and draw separate hair shapes. Make the hair strands and add detailing to the hair by drawing short lines. Then complete the body of the character. Rember one thing, whether you are sketching a monochrome or colored anime girl art – always do the shading at the end.


When shading, go from light to a dark area. To avoid smudging, do the shading from the inner part of the drawing. After shading the character, don’t forget to outline the character with a dark stroke.

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How to draw anime girl #2

Are you tired of starting your anime girl art always with a circle? If that’s the case, you would be glad to know that it’s not the universal law. You can start your anime drawing even with the eyes of the character.

The basic guidelines remain the same, even when you start your sketch from the eyes. It means that to draw the perfect eyes, you need to draw one/two horizontal lines. Then draw the eyelashes and iris of the eyes using an oblong shape.

Once you get the eye outline and shape, add more details to the eyes – as anime eyes define the whole character. If you are a beginner, do the shading at the end. After drawing the eyes, move on to the eyebrows, nose, and mouth.

Anime characters usually have a tiny nose, so don’t fret much about it. When you are done with facial features, move towards face shape and hair outline. Use separate shapes to get the hairstyle and add detailing with the help of light and dark stokes.

Sketch the body of the anime girl if your drawing has one. Otherwise, move on to the shading.

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How to draw basic anime girl without drawing a circle

There is another way to draw the anime girl art without a circle. This method is known as the ‘T-shape’ method. As the name indicates, the artist starts his/her sketch with a letter T in this method. Keep in mind, always use the capital T.

Don’t forget to use light pencil strokes. After drawing the T, divide the vertical from the middle using another horizontal line. Use these lines to map out the lower face shape. Then mark the top of the head twice the distance from the second horizontal line and outline it.

Correct the face anatomy and then move to the eyes. Use the same drill as described in the methods described above. The rest of the guidelines are identical.

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Final Thoughts!

You must be wondering that all four methods have many common guidelines. Well, that’s what anime art is all about. Not only the basic guidelines are the same, but the characters also resemble each other.

So don’t stress about it. You can use the same guidelines and still create a unique anime girl art that blows everyone’s mind. The secret to sketch different anime girls is to pair the basic anatomy with different anime girl art elements.


Whatever anime girl character you want to draw, just keep one thing in mind – Never be afraid of mistakes. Don’t stop because of the fear of drawing the wrong eye shape, arm, hair, etc. You can always erase and draw it again as long as you use light strokes!

Create the anime girl art using one of the methods shared in this and share them with us on our Reddit anime community – Anime Ignite.


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