Anime Recommendation of the Week – Kimi to Boku

Anime Recommendation of the Week –Kimi to Boku

So I have officially lost count of how many weeks has been since we started doing this weekly series…. I am just kidding of course; it is only the 5th week. Too early to lose count of weeks hahaha. So here we are again, looking at another anime recommendation of the week. I have something really close to my heart for this week.

This week we are looking at Kimi to Boku a high school, slice of life comedy. Now that may seem a little overdone theme but hold on, I will explain why you should watch this anime. A quick reminder that this is a recommendation and not a review so I am only going to list out the positives about the anime. So let’s get started


So Kimi to Boku is a fairly old anime. It came out back in fall 2011. By the way, fall 2011 was a crazy season with Hunter x Hunter, Fate/Zero, Bakuman, Mirai Nikki, etc. so I mean it kinda makes sense that a simple anime like this got lost in the crowd. I still consider Kimi to Boku to be heavily underrated and I think more people should watch it.

So Kimi to Boku has 26 episodes (both seasons combined) and it is made by JC Staff. It sounds like a common anime stereotype but despite the plain plot, the anime is really good. It is a comedy but, I won’t categorize it as a plain comedy since it has a relatively serious undertone. So let us get into the details.


The plot is really simple; it is just about 5 high school boys spending their everyday lives. It is perfectly normal and nothing crazy like Danshi Kokousei no Nichijou. They talk about normal topics, remember their childhood, and even talk about what to do when they are bored.

It is that simple. What makes this anime different, it the emotional complexity it has over other anime of this type. Now I will be honest here, the anime does kind of start slow but it is really great. This anime really makes you feel the pain of growing up. This serious undertone contrasts the relatively carefree atmosphere of the anime very well.

The best way to describe this anime will be that you have fun while the episodes last because of the comedy, then you’ll feel sad from the serious undertone.


All 5 of the main characters are from different exiting stereotypes. You have the mischievous twins, the quieter trap sort of guy, the straight and studious guy, and then the funny guy. It may not seem much but, Kimi to Boku really gives a good amount of depths to these stereotypes. Childhood flashbacks play an important role in character development.

What makes this anime so good to watch are the interactions between the characters. That is what separates Kimi to Boku from other anime of this type. The conversation between these guys is what makes this anime fun and that is exactly what Kimi to Boku is about.


Not much to say here. Kimi to Boku has very average animations. Nothing good or bad to say about them. These animations suit the theme of the anime and get the job done. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why you should watch Kimi to Boku

Here are some quick pointers on why you should check out Kimi to Boku

  • Carefree setting
  • Simple plot
  • Great stress reliever
  • Relatable characters
  • It is plain and simple fun


That concludes the anime recommendation of the week. Do let me know down in the comments what you think about it and let me know what anime you’d like to see here as well. As always, do not forget to check our art section and stay tuned for more content. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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