Anime Recommendation of the Week – KonoSuba

Anime Recommendation of the Week – KonoSuba

I just did a news article about a probable KonoSuba Season 3 announcement so what’s better than KonoSuba itself to serve as this week’s anime recommendation? So welcome to the 4th week of the anime recommendation series. As I mentioned in the last week’s manga recommendation, I am changing my pattern to focus on one anime/manga instead of doing a list.

So before we start, I’d like to remind y’all again that this is a recommendation article and not a review. I am trying to convince y’all to watch something and not give an in-depth analysis of it. Hence, I won’t be pointing out any negatives of the anime. Let’s start then


KonoSuba is an adaptation of a Light Novel of the same name. It is an isekai-comedy that makes a joke of a lot of common isekai troupes and clichés. It has 2 seasons of anime of 10 episodes each made by Studio Deen and 1 movie made by JC Staff. The upcoming season 3 will also be by JC Staff most probably.

The comedy is what makes the anime really good. It’s not that great of an isekai but, it’s easily one of the best comedy anime out there. I mean, of course, this anime is basically poking fun at common isekai troupes and clichés so it is an isekai only for satire. Let’s get into the details now


It’s a typical isekai plot, a guy tries to save a girl, gets hit by a truck-kun, and is isekai’d. but, it has its own funny twists on that formula. In the afterlife, he asks the goddess if the girl he saved was ok or not and then learned that she’d have been ok if he didn’t do anything.

She got a few scratches because he pushed her, the truck wasn’t a truck but a tractor and it would have not hit the girl in the first place, and then finally, that he died of shock and the doctors were laughing so hard that they didn’t operate him.

This comical bending of isekai clichés is all throughout the anime. this is what makes KonoSuba great. Then there are the characters


Here we go.KonoSuba has some of the wackiest characters I’ve ever seen. There is Kazuma of course one of the best isekai MCs and a man of culture. Sometimes it really does feel like Kazuma is a person with a common sense other times he just forgets what common sense means

I love the fact that he acts like a typical virgin. He doesn’t really wanna risk his life to defeat the demon king and wants to spend a life of comfort. Hence the aims to be really rich so that he can just hire someone to kill off the demon king.

Then there are his party members who are even crazier. There is Aqua first, of course, the useless goddess, then there’s the M crusader Darkness and then there’s the chuuni explosion girl Megumin. There aren’t many characters but the ones that are present and all cracked in some way or another.


Not much to say here. The animations are just average but that doesn’t matter as much for KonoSuba since it is a comedy for the most part. There are scenes where the animations become really good namely the scenes where Megumin uses Explosion or some other large-scale magic is used. But, that’s about it. Once you get into the anime, you’ll not notice the animations as much because of the comedy.

Why you should watch KonoSuba

Some quick pointers on why KonoSuba is great

  • Short and easy to catch up with
  • Good MC
  • Waifus
  • Funny AF


That is all I have for now. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below also leave your recommendations below. As always, stay tuned for more content, and do not forget to check out our art section. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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