Anime Winter 2024 – My Top 5 Anime

Key points for My Top 5 Winter 2024 anime:

  • Despite the absence of mainstream titles, the winter 2024 anime season pleasantly surprising with hidden gems like Ninja Kamui, contributing to an unexpectedly enjoyable lineup.
  • Season 3 of Classroom of the Elite stood out as a highlight, earning praise for its engaging plot, character development, and well-paced narrative, solidifying its position as the best season in the series.
  • Solo Leveling, despite occasional pacing issues, captivated audiences with its exploration of the societal implications of dungeons and magic, complemented by impressive fight scenes and compelling background music.
  • A Sign of Affection earned its spot by portraying a realistic depiction of disability in anime, highlighting respectful character dynamics and charming relationships, making it a standout in the romance genre.
  • The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 emerged as the season’s top anime, surpassing expectations with significant character development and gripping storytelling, marking a remarkable turnaround from its less impressive Season 1.

The winter 2024 season for anime has been an absolute anger. It didn’t have much in terms of big mainstream names and yet this is one of the seasons that I enjoyed the most in recent memory. That is in part also because Frieren, Ragna Crimson, and The Apothecary Diaries were also still airing in this season. Those 3 animes from last season helped a lot in making this season feel complete but still, this season was also full of some banger animes.

So as the season is coming to an end, we only have 3 more weeks left. Let’s take a look back and talk about the 5 best anime from the winter 2024 season. And I have to say, this list has changed quite a bit throughout the season. Lastly, this is my list so feel free to disagree but here are my picks for the top 5 anime from this season.

Hon. Mention: 7th Time Loop

5. Ninja Kamui

This barely beat out 7th Time Loop for the 5th place. But it has only been 4 episodes and Ninja Kamui has completely sucked me in. It is John Wick but with ninjas and anime and it is enjoyable as hell. It has a lot of retro vibes in both the art/animations and the story and I like that. The strong characters and the good fight choreography and pacing keep this anime thoroughly entertaining. And props to the voice cast, they add a lot to the characters as well.

4. Classroom of the Elite Season 3

Season 3 is by far my favorite season of CoTE now. Everything about this season was really good from the plot to the character development and the pacing, this season cooked and I enjoyed the meal. My only gripe with this season is that I wanted to see certain moments from the LN in the anime but they were unfortunately cut. Nothing major was removed though so that is only a minor gripe. Amazing season overall and I cannot wait to see the last 2 episodes.

3. Solo Leveling

Recent episodes are amazing, but the pacing of Solo Leveling could be better. Despite that, it explores the social and economic impact of dungeons and magic in society, which is fascinating. Not only that but the show also went out of its way to explore the repercussions of the incident in the first episode. And then, of course, there are the amazing fight scenes and the awesome background music. If only the pacing was a little better, it would’ve been higher on the list.

2. A Sign of Affection

I am a sucker for good romance animes and this is exactly that. This is one of the most “realistic” portrayals of a person with a disability I have seen in anime. I love how everyone treats Yuki, they have a certain respect for her condition like they will talk slowly to allow her to read their lips or something. And yet they never leave her out of the group and are always there for her. Even putting that aside, this anime has some very good character dynamics and charming characters. Exactly what you need for a good romance story!

1. The Dangers in My Heart Season 2

Aside from being my favorite anime of winter 2024, The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 is also the first potential anime of the year material for me. This is crazy to think about because I was originally not going to watch this anime at all because I didn’t initially like Season 1. Season 1 though picked up in the last few episodes and Season 2 just ate that pacing and momentum for breakfast. Now, every episode feels important and oh oy the character development in this show has been SO good.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Those were my top 5 favorite anime from the winter 2024 season. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

Also, check out my initial impressions of Ninja Kamui here!

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