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So we were just talking about this anime in the news recently because of a new project it is getting soon. That announcement, made me want to go back and watch this show again. And man, the nostalgia hit really hard I have to say. Ao no Exorcist is still as good as I remember it being. And that opening theme is still burned into my memory.

So welcome back to another edition of our anime recommendation series! This week we are talking about Ao no Exorcist! One of my earlier animes and an anime I still love to this day. As you heard, it had a new project announced recently, I already have an article on that. I really do like this anime and there is a lot to be said here, so let’s get started!

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Ao no Exorcist, Blue Exorcist of Just Ao no Ex for short is based on the manga of the same name by Kazue Kato. The manga started its serialization in April 2009 and is still ongoing in the Shueisha’s Jump Square. Currently, it has 28 volumes. As for the anime, the anime has a total of 25 episodes + a spin-off of 12 episodes. Both of which are made by A1 Pictures.


As the name suggests, Ao no Exorcist is about… well, exorcists. Exorcists fight demons. The protagonist, Rin Okamura grows up without knowing that his father is an exorcist. One day, his father dies protecting him and he and his brother learn that they’re the sons of the demon king, Satan. Rin joins a special academy that trains exorcists under his brother to learn to fight and control his power.

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga isn't your typical anime sequel.

That is the base plot of Ao no Exorcist. Pretty simple, nothing too complicated. But, what I like about the plot is its pacing. It is presented very purposefully, every moment has its purpose that may not be clear immediately. It has plenty of twists too, some foreseeable, others completely unexpected.


Ao no Ex has quite a lot of characters. First and foremost, man, hats off to Rin’s character development. He is so broken after the first episode, even his brother refuses to take his side. It is really awesome to see them both come to terms with what has happened and then reconcile eventually. That first opening theme does a great job of driving Rin’s anguish in. The rest of the characters are not that interesting but alright. Keep an eye on the principal though, he sus.

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga (English Dub) Mysterious Connections - Watch on Crunchyroll

Animations and Soundtracks

The art style is pretty good. I like the way Rin’s blue flames look and stuff. The animations, do feel a bit dated at this point, the 2017 anime still looks decent though. As for the soundtracks, man, all 3 of the opening themes are awesome. Uverworld is awesome. The BGMs are pretty decent too.

Why should you watch Ao no Exorcist?

Quick pointers on why you should check out this anime:

  • Good plot
  • Great characters
  • Awesome protagonist
  • Great opening themes
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Well, that is all for now. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Ao no Exorcist is a pretty good anime to watch. It does have some flaws but it is a cool anime regardless. That is all for now though, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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