Art Supplies for Beginners – Our Top 5 Picks!

Key takeaways from Art Supplies for Beginners guide:

  • To give you some recommendations for things to buy as a beginner
  • To help you make informed decisions on what you should look for before buying

So here we are with an art supply article after quite a long while. So we have talked about a lot of art supplies in specific articles till now. But, I haven’t done a mix-up article, containing all kinds of things. So I decided to do a combined article for Art Supplies for Beginners. Meaning this article will have all the best things you can get on a budget if you’re just starting out as an artist. The budget I am aiming for is 30US$ here! So everything will be under 30US$!

So I have decided to include something for everyone. So one painting set, one marker set, one colored pencil set, and two things that everyone will need. As always, the shopping links are Amazon based. You will find the price and link to the shopping page at the beginning of each entry. Alternatively, clicking the images will also take you to the proper webpage. So let’s get started,

Mont Marte Acrylic Paints

price: 24.99$, buy here

So starting off with my budding painting buddies first. You can go with watercolors too, but I think acrylic colors have more variety, that is why I am going with them. So this set offers you 24 color tubes of 36ml each. This is a great starting set for beginners and it has a solid 4.8-star rating with 11k+ reviews. That is some serious praise.

Touch Markers

price: 28.99$, buy here

These will be featured in an upcoming article of mine too. So you get a bit of a teaser for that. But, Touch is a really good brand for markers. Copics are the gold standard for alcohol-based markers but, they’re rather costly so I don’t recommend them to beginners. Here, you get 80 double-tipped markers with a sleek carry case just for 29 bucks. That’s a good deal.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils

price: 27.73$, buy here

Colored pencils are cheaper than paints or markers so it is possible to get premium brands like Prismacolor for under 30$. Still a bit on the costlier side for pencils but, keep in mind you’re getting one of the best brands in the business. This set gets you 36 soft-core pencils with some really good packaging and Prismacolor’s quality.

Mr. Pen Black Fineliners

price: 9.99$, buy here

Moving on to the kind of stuff everyone will need. Black fineliners are important for drawing outlines and sometimes even help with shading. So almost every artist needs them at some point. This set gets you 8 black fineliner pens with different tip sizes for 10 bucks. These are really useful to have even outside of art.

US Art Supply Painting Pad

price: 18.99$, buy here

You got the colors, you got something you want to draw, and now you need something to draw on. That is where this pack of 2 acrylic paper pads comes in. Yes, I know this is more suited to painting, if you’re using colored pencils, you can get away with a cheaper pad. But still, this is a really good deal, 2 heavy pads of 9×12 inches in less than 20 bucks is pretty good.


That is all for now, those were my picks for Top 5 Art Supplies for Beginners. Hope this article helped you in some way. Let me know what you think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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