An Aspiring Digital Illustrator’s Two Cents: @adingolatunjay

@adingolatunjay sums up his entire journey as an anime artist so far in a nugget of advices. His two cents might be just the branch you were looking for you to hold on to on your journey as an anime artist. But first, let us look at Ading’s own journey?️.

This self-taught artist had already dropped the curtains on his art skills when he had posted a beautiful geometric elk ? way back in June 2017 on his Instagram account ?. Just six months later, Ading presented us with a monochrome Ken Kaneki art and a door was opened. Behind this door lay years of love for anime that Ading nurtured within himself since he was a kid ❤️. In fact, such is his love for anime that had he not been an anime artist today, he would have been a digital illustrator with anime itself as the central theme of his work?!

~My Kantoku Project

By: @adingolatunjay on Instagram

It was his love for anime and some inspiration borrowed from the artist @david_._freeman that pushed him to publish his artworks ? that adorn his Instagram wall today. An ensemble of cool colors, his Kontaku project in collaboration with his shishous @art___by___yo  and @yayanyaanyaa  , demonstrates the miles he has travelled and the hard work he has put in in learning how to create something new from inspiration. @ladowska , @clivenzu and @reyhansartwork are some of his other favourite shishous ?‍?‍?.

~Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan

By: @adingolatunjay on Instagram

It’s all in the eyes”, is his first precious cent for anime artists. “If an anime artist gets the eyes, it makes the resulting art much better.”, he erupts. His portrayal of Attack on Titan’s Eren Yaeger is a character brought to life on paper. Notice how the emerald green eyes ? leverage the whole of his art towards the audience and bring out his aggressive form, something Eren is known for among the fan circles. Want to learn how to specifically focus on drawing anime eyes? Our tutorial is a step-by-step guide with important tips and tricks on bringing your anime drawing to life by getting their eyes right. Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfectly same though. You need to discover your own style.

Coincidently, this is Ading’s second and most vital piece of advice. You need to keep drawing regularly to discover your own style, he says. Once you do, you need to keep it up and be consistent by continuing drawing regularly in the same way. The key here is to never stop drawing and believing in your own unique style!

~ Violet from Violet Evergarden

By: @adingolatunjay on Instagram

In fact, it is because of his unique style that Ading can draw both with or without reference. You’ll find tons of beautifully drawn referenced images on his Instagram account! One of them is this perfect portrayal of popular anime waifu Violet from the anime “Violet Evergarden”. Even though Ading himself has never seen the anime, he was able to capture the titular protagonist’s messy hair, and emerald brooch and centre it around Violet’s enticing yet empty eyes seeking the meaning of love from the world.

~ Kaneki x Uta

By: @adingolatunjay on Instagram

We would specifically like to draw attention to Ading’s own portrayal of a fan-fiction inspired art:  Ken Kaneki x Uta from Tokyo Ghoul. The Kaneki x Uta chemistry continues to be one of the most scintillating in the world of Otaku and this art perfectly depicts the character that would have resulted had two fan-favourite guy ghouls had a child. As they say, with art, there are no boundaries!

If Ading continues to soar with the speed that he is now, he might see shoulder to shoulder with @rahyan.ykc, his favourite digital artist. Till then, fans can satiate their hunger for some original anime art through Ading’s simple yet powerful sketches and drawings.

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