How alex_blasi_art Came to Love Manga and Anime Art Again!

How alex_blasi_art Came to Love Manga and Anime Art Again!

Art in any form is a sublime manifestation of one’s inner conscience. ?️?

We bet Alex Blasi is a staunch believer in this expression. You might be more familiar with his Instagram handle: @alex_blasi_art. He has been around for years there. Did you know he was into drawing since a decade before Instagram? ?

This 25-year-old artist from Italy spills on why traces of portrait art in his Instagram portfolio. Apparently, he had started his artistic journey with anime and manga when he was 14! However, this quickly faded as he got more into realistic and portraits.

Exactly a year ago, having binge-watched some 20 Studio Ghibli films revived his love for anime and manga. The love that now manifests itself as some popular anime art on Instagram today!? ? ?

~Violet Evergarden

By: alex_blasi_art on Instagram

Scroll down his feed and you’ll simply be awed at the vastness of his skills and the depths of his detailing.  His drawing of fan favorite Violet Evergarden is simply breathtaking.

From the innocence in her eyes ? and the welts in her golden hair ??‍♀️. In addition to the ripped shards of destruction surrounding her. Alex makes sure he traps everything into his portrait-sized art.

~ Sasuke Uchiha with the Cursed Mark!

By: alex_blasi_art on Instagram

It doesn’t take him magical tools to put his love for anime to paper, or to Fabriano papers, the Italian brand he uses, to be precise. Some good old Faber Castell color pencils and a set of 40-Touch Five markers and he can draw something even as detailed as the Sasuke Uchiha with the cursed mark with precision! Complete with Sasuke’s charging form and his threatening red eyes ?!

~ Itachi Uchiha

By: alex_blasi_art on Instagram

Or even this more composed Itachi Uchiha art, a stark opposite to his younger brother Sasuke’s aggressive demeanour. Notice how he captures Itachi’s quality of keeping calm even with all the fire-raging around him metaphorically through his art ?!

~Uzumaki Naruto

By: alex_blasi_art on Instagram

Even through an ordinary piece of paper, his creativity flows like the river, taking its own course when he feels like. This art featuring one of anime’s most popular characters, Uzumaki Naruto, doesn’t quite feel like the everyday Uzumaki arts you come across.

It takes an eagle-eyed perspective to find out that Blasi works hard to add his own little personal touch of coloring and contrast to his drawings. Few fans notice this little level of detail, but when they do, Alex is delighted ?!

~Asuka, from Neon Genesis Evangelion

By: alex_blasi_art on Instagram

Could he have become a film director or a critic had he tried hard to venture this direction ? ? His versatility would have you believe it might have been a reality today.

On one hand, you see him bringing an amazing Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion to life in nothing but a pencil sketch of the character. Perhaps his background in realistic dabbling comes to his aid here.

~The Seven Deadly Sins Part 1

By: alex_blasi_art on Instagram

On the other, you see him go straight to an equally detailed colorful eye compilation from The Seven Deadly Sins. An array of 5 beautiful eye drawings ?, each pouring out its own emotions, such eye drawings are in rage nowadays.

It requires some highly skilled understanding of drawing elements to pull this through, but Blasi takes inspiration from @o0kawaii0o and does more than justice to his line of work ?.

@o0kawaii0o is one of the many incredible artists Blasi banks in for inspiration. But none matches his adulation for Asia Ladowska ?‍♂️. She is an established anime virtuoso he has been following ever since he set up his Instagram page.

If that’s the level Alex seeks to achieve as an artist, we say he is on the right track ??. His mantra is simple yet powerful:

I know that is a common phrase but, never giving up is fundamental. We have to believe in ourselves and to try to do the best we can do. A lot of practice and experience will do the other. We may not become mangaka or anything else but we can continue to do what we like and this is great.?

Great and inspiring it is, Blasi! We hope you continue staying in your world of art and keep bringing more awesome stuff out of it for us to drool over?!

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