Atelier Ryza Anime First Impressions

Key takeaways from First Impressions – Atelier Ryza anime:

  • The Atelier Ryza anime wastes no time in introducing the main trio and their desire for adventure, setting the stage for the story.
  • The first episode showcases the characters’ key traits and roles in the cast while hinting at their potential growth.
  • While the plot is not particularly complex in the first episode, there is potential for further development, and improvements could be made in the animation quality and portrayal of alchemy.

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To be honest, I never expected this series to get an anime adaptation. But a few months ago, the news dropped out of nowhere, and the anime is out already too. It must’ve been tough to keep a project as big as Atelier Ryza anime under wraps for so long, given how popular the video game series is.

And depending on the success of this season, we may even see an anime adaptation of the 2nd and 3rd games, which is awesome because the story of this series is pretty good. I do have my qualms about the first episode, but overall, it was pretty decent.

So welcome back to another first impressions article, the very first of this season, and today we are talking about the Atelier Ryza anime! So let’s get started.

Edit: The 2nd episode just dropped as I published this article. So please keep in mind what I said in this article is purely based on episode 1.

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How good is Atelier Ryza anime episode 1?

The episode wastes pretty much no time in introducing us to the main trio of Ryza, Tao, and Lent. And right off the bat, Ryza’s wish to leave her home island and go on an adventure is made pretty clear. So that serves as our basic background for the characters, and we learn their key traits and role in the cast pretty quickly too. So the trio does manage to sneak out of the island; they don’t go far, of course, and soon run into trouble.

They are saved by Lila and Empel. The trio is blown away by their different skills. Tao is interested in Empel’s ability to read different languages, Ryza is caught by Empel’s alchemy, and Lent is blown away by Lila’s fighting skills. So the trio manages to convince them to teach them what they want. Well, with Lent and Lila, it is more like a deal than anything else, so…

Atelier Ryza Anime Trailer Introduces Lila Decyrus

But yes, a decent episode. It did a good job of showcasing the main trio and their characters, There wasn’t anything crazy in terms of the plot, but that is a given since this is just the first episode. I wish they did a little more with the alchemy thing. In a game, they were throwing ingredients into a pot to make what you want work. But in an anime doing the same thing looks weird, lol. Lastly, the animations could use a bit of improvement. They are not bad but can be better.


Overall, it was a decent episode. Nothing mind-blowing, but it wasn’t boring either. I’d give this episode an easy 7/10. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. Atelier Ryza anime has potential, and it could be really if done right. With that said, see ya!!

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