Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 – First Impressions

Attack on Titan

So it has all come down to this, finally. I had to write an article for this man. Like just that one episode was more than enough to set the tone and expectations for the upcoming season. Even if you haven’t read the manga yet, you will know what’s to come thanks to that awesome opening. Attack on Titan never lets up right till the end.

So today we are here to talk about the awesome first episode of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2. I am exclusively talking about the first episode here so there won’t be any future spoilers. But, do keep in mind that I will talk about stuff that happens in the episode itself. So with that said, let’s start.

The plot, Pacing, Coverage, etc.

The first episode of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 takes up exactly where the last episode of Part 1 left us. It of course begins with the aftermath of Zeke and Levi’s fight and also finally shows us the invasion of Paradis by Marley. We also get to see Eren taking on 2 opponents at once, Reiner and Galliard. I am really excited to see the rest of this fight animated. This is one of the best fights in the whole series and its conclusion is extremely unexpected.

The episodes pretty much-covered everything I expected. The pacing and the direction were just awesome as typical of Mappa. The cliffhanger endings are back as always. My only complaint is that just like all episodes of Attack on Titan, this episode also felt like it was just 2 minutes long. But, that’s what happens when you watch good anime so…


I do not care what haters sat about the CGI, Mappa does an incredible job on the animations. I love how they captured the fact that Eren’s titan looks more and more malicious as the series goes on with a slight design change. The crystals formed by Warhammer’s ability and/or Eren’s hardening looked so crisp. The exchange of blows between Reiner and Eren was so smoothly animated too. Attack on Titan deserves all the praise it gets. Be it Mappa or WIT, a great anime will always find a way to shine.


The Soundtrack was beautifully done. I specifically want to talk about the opening and the ending theme here. Attack on Titan has always had such awesome opening and ending themes. I don’t think there is a single opening/ending theme that I hate. Many people seem to hate on Red Swan or 2nd opening of season 1 (sorry I forgot the German name) but, those openings are still really good.

Following this trend, Attack on Titan Final Season also has an amazing opening and ending themes. While I really miss Linked Horizon after listening to this one, the new opening theme is still awesome. The new opening theme is called The Rumbling rather fittingly. It has so many spoilers in and I love the fact that they are not even trying to hide them. The ending theme is much calmer and spoiler-free. It still looks beautiful though.


All in all, Attack on Titan opened on the highest possible note and the first episode was just perfect. I am really looking forward to seeing some of my favorite moments in the anime. One of them will hopefully be in the next episode. Well, with that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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