Five Reasons Why You Should Watch Attack on Titan Final Season

Five Reasons Why You Should Watch Attack on Titan Final Season

Five Reasons Why You Should Watch Attack on Titan Final Season

While watching the final season is obvious for Attack on Titan (AoT) fans, I know many people have not watched this show past the first season. This is very evident as AoT’s most popular season on is the 1st season (popularity is based on how many people have watched the show and not the rating) while, the highest-rated is Season 3 Part 2 and the Final Season (Rating is the average of the score out of 10 given by people) meaning clearly, many people did not watch the show past season 1.

In this article, I’ll give you a few reasons to catch up with AoT. I will try my best to avoid spoilers (I tend to get carried away while talking about AoT) there could be minor ones and a few screenshots from the final season nothing major; nothing that will ruin the show for you. For those of you who just started watching anime and heard about AoT, I will start with a very short introduction to this amazing series.


Attack on Titan is a manga written by Hajime Isayama sensei. Its first chapter was published on 9th September 2009 and its anime adaptation premiered on 7th April 2013. Its first 3 seasons are animated by WIT Studio and the 4th and Final Season is currently being animated by Mappa. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are forced to live inside walls because titans (large zombie-like creatures) killed most of the humans and they cannot get inside the walls. But, the first wall is destroyed by 2 unknown and unique titans. As a result, many die, and humans are forced to retreat further inside the walls. Hence, the mission to take back the outermost wall begins.

Now I’m going to start with the actual article. Here’s my reason no. 1:

It’s no longer the revenge story that it used to be

Now, I know a lot of people like revenge stories (me too actually). But, AoT is no longer a revenge story. In the 1st episode, Eren’s (the protagonist) mother is eaten by a titan hence; Eren swears revenge on the titans saying “I’ll kill them all. Every last one” But as Eren’s character has grown, he no longer desires revenge on titans. His perspective of the world has widened as the story has progressed. As of how the story has progressed it’s no longer as simple as killing all the titans also Eren himself said that he does not long for revenge anymore. He longs for “freedom”.

Eren is no longer the hot head brat he used to be in previous seasons of Attack on Titan

Season 1 shows Eren as a hot-headed brat. Always ready to pick a fight and always getting angry on small things. As of season 4, Eren has become mature. He’s calm and does not even raise his voice while speaking. His tone has become much colder now. He stays calm even when provoked. The best thing about this character change is that you can see it happening. You can see differences in Eren’s character after almost every major incident. Both parts of season 3 being the main cause behind it.

The character development is amazing

The thing that separates AoT from most other anime is that the characters in AoT feel very human. You can see Eren’s character change after every major event. He learns something whenever something big happens. You may not like some characters because they are stupid, but if you think a little bit, if a normal human was in their place they would have done the same. This is the reason why AoT characters feel alive. You feel every character growing as the story goes on. Isayama sensei has written some of the best characters. Even if you don’t care about the story (I can’t believe that you don’t I assure you will get hooked to the anime by the time season 1 ends) the growth of characters itself makes this show worth the watch. For me though, Eren’s character development is the best because you can see his character growing.

The overall anime production of Attack on Titan Final Season is top tier

I know, I know a lot of people don’t like the new animations. But you know what, they are still very good. WIT did a fantastic job in animating AoT. But even Mappa is doing very well. The animation quality provided by both studios is top tier. And not only just the visuals but also the soundtrack too. Be it the openings, endings, or BGM AoT’s soundtrack is beautiful. I mean its music director is Hiroyuki Sawano so obviously. Both studios phenomenally included spoilers in the openings and you know only a few will get them (basically those of us who read the manga). When you watch an old opening again you realize that some future scene was foreshadowed in a previous opening. Mappa included spoilers in the opening song rather than the visuals. Just this much makes the anime worth the time but, it offers so much more.

“That Feeling”

Isayama sensei is a genius. He leaves hints all over as to what will happen, and the anime manages to capture all these hints. When you do some thinking and conclude, and it turns out to be true or when you’re re-watching old seasons, and you realize something that happened in the new seasons was hinted way earlier, you get “that feeling.” I cannot put this feeling into words; you have to, and you should experience it yourself because no other anime can give you this feeling. Be it random comments, something in the background, or proper dialogues themselves, Isayama sensei has left hints everywhere for what is about to come.


These are my reasons why you should watch the Attack on Titan Final Season. These are the reasons I love the series very much myself. AoT is a masterpiece of work worth every bit of your time. Isayama sensei really put his heart into this work, and you can feel it.

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