Awesome Power Sketch, Anime Art of Week!

And we are back with another 5 awesome pieces of art once again. This is one of my favorite weekly articles to do, gives me a great opportunity to look at some really nice art. And we get to shout out some artists from these articles as well, so why not? Again, I was forced to make a tough choice. I had to choose one piece for the keyword and the cover, so I picked the Power one. That does not take away from how awesome the rest of these pieces are though.

As always, the artist’s IG page will be linked at the start of the entry. And clicking the image will take you to the original post. So let’s get started, I can’t wait to get to the Power sketch because I really do like it.

Awesome OC

by: @godssoni_ on IG

I usually avoid doing OCs but this one really caught my eye. Something about the combination of the headband and the cheek marks really does it for me. Her outfit also reminds me of Yoruichi from Bleach so bonus points for that. The artist also posted a colored version of this OC if I remember correctly and that loos gorgeous as well.

The Spain vs. Japan meme (Blue Lock)

by: @dyalexa_art on IG

Man Japan has really been rocking this world cup huh? Like if you told someone Japan beat Germany and Spain a few years ago, they’d laugh at you. But you know the amount of Blue Lock memes that have come from this world cup is just amazing. This video right here is a much more artistic rendition of those memes. Look at those character details, I love it. Check out the original post here, cause I can’t link videos ofc.

Ayanokoji Sketch Step by Step

by: @blackj_art on IG

Man, this sketch looks so damn good. It is really clean and I love the art style the artist went with. Not only that, but the artist also showed a step-by-step process of drawing this sketch in the post. I of course can’t post all images here, so I am only posting the final product. But seriously, go check out the original post for the step-by-step tutorial. It is quite easy to follow too.

Sailor Mercury

by @nashimanga on IG

Holy shit this art looks awesome. It is an immediate eye candy, it attracts your gaze and you can’t look away from it. Also, the artist used watercolors to make this art… which is very fitting given the theme. Beautiful piece.

The Titular Power Sketch (Chainsaw Man)

by: on IG

I’ve been following this artist for a while, and man their work never ceases to amaze me. Their sketches are always so on point and full of life. And they’re never overly complex. It is the same with this sketch too. The eyes are so so well done. I love it.


That’s all for now. Those were our picks for the top 5 anime art this week. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. And if there is an artist you want us to check out, please feel free to leave their handles down below as well. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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