Awesome Rengoku Sketch, Anime Art of the Week!

Welcome to another edition of our anime art series! I am sorry, I am a little late on this one this week. Had been busy with some college stuff. Didn’t get much time to work during the week, so I am working on the weekends. Anyhow, I had to make a choice for the thumbnail again, so I went with the Rengoku sketch, you’ll see why in a minute here. We are back with 5 more awesome art pieces for you.

Before we begin, please follow artists to show appreciation for their work. Now that I’ve got the embeds working, you don’t even need to bother going to another tab or anything, you can just click on follow and like while reading this article. With that said though, let’s get started. I cannot wait to show you the Rengoku sketch.

Deku from BNHA

This piece looks awesome, doesn’t it? Ever since the 2nd half of season 6 started, we’ve been getting a lot of awesome BNHA art pieces like this one and the next one. And I am all for it. The artist even shows their drawing process for this sketch. And it looks really good coming together so well at the end.

Dabi from BNHA

See? This is why I said, we’ve been getting a lot of awesome BNHA art ever since season 6. Season 6 shook a lot of people I guess. And fair enough, this part is peak BNHA. Even the last arc isn’t this good. But this sketch though radiates the pure chaotic energy that is Dabi. It is like you can feel this sketch. That smile, that damned smile.

Hirotaka from Wotakoi

I’ve been covering this artist’s work for a good 4-5 weeks now and I have to say, there is something special about their sketches. I don’t know why it is really satisfying to see them do this sketch in their book and then close it. And they’ve been doing a lot of Wotakoi lately, I love it. I don’t know how you make such awesome stuff with just a pen. I have nothing but respect for artists.

Samurai Style Deidara

I covered this artist’s Shisui piece a few weeks ago and that was awesome. But, they have more. They have a lot more. And it’s more awesome stuff like this. This is the kind of digital art I like, taking advantage of everything digital art offers while maintaining that distinct Naruto feeling in the art style. That balance is hard to strike but, this artist does it really really well.

Rengoku after a fight…

Possibly the one with Akaza. Yes, I gave my boy Siksketch the thumbnail art this time around. Cause I genuinely think this is one of his best works so far. He is honestly amazing, but I personally feel like this piece is a cut above. Maybe it’s just me but the expression says it all. The way he drew the eyes and the mouth speaks volumes. Rengoku is probably one character we will never forget.


That will be all for now. I will take my leave here. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. It is quite late at night here, and it is back to college tomorrow. So I’ll go grab some sleep, you don’t forget to show appreciation to the artists, please. See ya!

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