Awesome Rin Okumura Art, Anime Art of the Week!

Welcome back to another edition of our anime art series! A series where we highlight some of the art that caught our eyes. Artists all over the internet work hard every day to bring us awesome art. This is our way of paying respect to their work. We are back again with 5 awesome pieces of art this week as well. Once again, I was forced to make a choice for the thumbnail/keyphrase so I went with the Rin Okumura piece but all these art pieces are amazing in their own right.

As always, the art is from IG. You will find the artist’s handle and a link to it below the heading for the entry. And clicking the image below will take you to the original post. I am damn sure you will love the Rin Okumura piece. So let’s get started.

Rengoku in Action (Demon Slayer)

by: @renonograffiti

This is such an amazing piece for a New Year wish, isn’t it? Man, I love these artists, they even wish Happy New Year with an awesome art piece. I hope I could do this too lol. Anyhow, this piece is awesome. I love the coloring and particle effects of this piece. The yellow and orange gradation is just really well done. Rengoku is such an awesome character.

Kawaii Reisen-chan from Tohou

by: @adem_seddiki

I have been a big fan of adem for a while now. His sketches are something. They are simple but they have a very particular charm to them. I love this guy’s art style. His sketching is really really good, I love his works. Reisen-chan looks adorable in this sketch, I love the expression he picked for this sketch. It is really cute.

Awesome 2B Sketch (NieR)

by: @siksketch

Ah yes, Siksketch I love this dude. I’ve been following this guy for years and I never get tired of looking at his pieces. Sad, he has never experienced NieR: Automata but he looks interested in the anime. I am sure he will love the series. Aww man, the anime will be awesome for sure. The sketch is amazing as always. The proportions are slightly off but, I am not sure if those are intentional or an accident. But, it is siksketch alright, he is amazing.

Midoriya 4-ways from BNHA


This is a pretty creative idea. What the artist did is they divided their sketch into 4 sections and they will use different types of colors to fill in each section. For example, part 1 was watercolors, part 2 was makers. Only 3 out of 4 parts are out at the time of writing but, follow the artists to see their work the moment it is put up. You can check out each part here: part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Awesome Rin Okumura Sketch from Blue Exorcist

by: @viix_art

Pretty clear why I chose it as the thumbnail right? The blue color is extremely eye-catching. I absolutely love the coloring of this piece. Rin looks cool in general with his blue flames, this piece though is beyond amazing in my opinion. The use of software to touch up the piece makes it look even more impressive.


Well, that is all for now. Please go and support the artists who bring us all these awesome sketches and works. Let me know what you think in the comments. If there are particular artists you want to see, please feel free to request that in the comments as well. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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