Beautiful Erika Sketch, Anime Art of the Week!

Happy new year to everyone first and foremost. It is the first of January 2023 and 2022 is finally over. Unbelievable right? But, we are back again with some awesome art pieces on the day of the new year as well. We don’t stop working on the new year as well to bring some awesome stuff. Once again, I was forced to make a decision for the thumbnail so I went with the Erika sketch. But all of the works from this week are awesome.

As always, the artist’s IG handle will be right below the heading, and clicking the images will take you to the original post. If there is an artist you want us to feature, please let me know. I shall check them out. So let’s start.

Genshin Husbandos

by: @art_by_mery

Seeing some good Genshin art really makes me happy. I don’t care what you have to say about the game but, you at least have to appreciate the effort they put into this game’s art design. Be it characters or environments, Genshin’s art, and music design is just amazing. That is the main reason behind its popularity. Look at these pieces man. I love the fact that the artist only colored the eyes; it looks amazing.






Akaza is up for a fight

by: @renonograffiti

This art looks so awesome. Akaza is such a cool character. I hate him for what he did to Rengoku but, I can’t help but like him somewhat because of his attitude. And his design is so awesome. This a fantastic use of copics and the initial sketch is so clean. Reno makes some really good art, please go check him out.

Amazing Tanjiro Drawing

by: @zeina._.yehya

This art is so good. How do you draw so well with a plain and simple pen? Artists are truly amazing. The expressions, the eyes, and the face all look so alive. I love all the small details in this drawing. And you know, no room for error since you’re on a pen. The video even shows some of the drawing process. Always fun to watch. Check out the video here.

Awesome Dabi Sketch

by: @ygartprism

This art is amazing. Dabi’s expression in this sketch says it all. He’s pissed and is about to do some shit. The video is pretty well-edited too. I love the little transition the artist does between the initial sketch and the final product. Seriously though, I love Dabi’s character design he looks really cool and the artist did justice to it. Check out the original post here.

Beautiful Erika sketch

by: @ever0w0

One look at the eyes and you will know why I chose this sketch for the thumbnail. Not even the whole head is in the sketch but just the face is enough to convey the emotions. It is so pretty, so beautiful and innocent looking. I love it. The artists did a fantastic job and the sketch is clean as hell.


Well, that is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Please go and support the artists for their hard work. I will take my leave here. I have more stuff work on. See ya!!

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