Beautiful Fiona Frost Sktech, Anime Art of the Week!

Welcome back to our art series! We are back once again with 5 amazing pieces of art that caught our eyes this week. Artists work hard all the time to bring us some awesome pieces. And this series is our way of appreciating them and shouting out their amazing work. This week once again we have all sorts of good stuff. Once again, I had a really hard time picking a thumbnail for this article but, I decided to go with the Fiona Frost one because that resonated with me.

As always, all of these works are from IG. You will find the artist’s name and handle linked under the entry heading and clicking the images will take you to the original post. If you have any favorite artists you’d like to see featured here, please let me know in the comments. With that said, let’s get started right away.

Nahida from Genshin Impact

by: @aderiaka on IG

Ain’t this sketch simply amazing? I was planning on covering the Wednesday Adams sketch by this artist but then I thought this fits better. I love the artist’s gothic art style. It is a very unique art style and it surprisingly fits. I really like how the artist drew the hair, they look so volumetric. This piece is nothing short of amazing.

Awesome Itachi Sketch

by: @draw_so_easy_anime_channel on IG

Another amazing sketch. This reel even shows the artist starting from scratch. Like man, it is impressive how easy he makes it look. Suffice it to say, I tried this and failed miserably myself. I am not an artist of course though but I do appreciate art. This sketch is amazing though, I love how intimidating it looks once finished. Check out the reel here, I can’t link videos of course.

Cute Miku Sketch

by: @nejj_elle on IG

The artist has done the other quintuplets too but I picked Miku because I like this skethc. Deal with it. But look at the details on the hair. I love the way this artist does light effects on hair. And then the shading on the outfiu and eyes just add more to it. Beautiful art style

Sanemi from Demon Slayer

by: @renonograffiti on IG

This artist makes some genuinely amazing works. He really knows how to properly use copics. Hence his lines are very clean and sharp. And on top of that, the color blending from the copics make his works even more amazing. The expression on Sanemi’s face though, the artist got his personality down perfect in this art.

Fiona Frost from Spy x Family

by: @mikanndraws on IG

Man, this piece is absolutely beatiful. The shading, the art style, the expression, the feeling, it is perfect. Fiona has quickly become one of favorite characters, mostly because she is voiced by Ayane Sakura but man, she is downΒ horrendousΒ for Loid. It is very funny to watch.


Well, that is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Remember to check out the artists on IG and like the original posts. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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