Best Anime Episodes of the Week! Summer 2023 – Week 6

Key takeaways from Best Anime Episodes of the Week – Summer 2023, Week 6:

  1. The week’s anime episodes featured notable character growth and revelations, such as Akira’s pursuit of his childhood dream and Kiyoka’s impressive display of power.
  2. The episodes delivered intense action, stunning visuals, and compelling cliffhangers, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next developments in the storylines.

And here we are finally, at the end of the week. Back again to look at the best anime episode of this week and man, we had some real banger episodes this week. I have been doing my usual mid-season reviews for animes, so you can check those out if you want to see a more detailed look into a series.

This article though, is for people who want a quick tl;dr of the best episodes, or at least our favorite episodes from the week. From Rukia’s Banka reveal to Kiyoka showing off to Bungou Stray Dogs going crazier, we had a lot of amazing episodes this week. And that is exactly what we are here to talk about.

So welcome back to another edition of our best anime episodes of the week series. Here are our favorite episodes from the week!

Zom 100 Episode 5

Things have been really picking up in this series, slowly but surely. We got the long-term goal for the plot and learn more about Akira as a character. One of the entries on Akira’s bucket list said “Remember your childhood dream” and that is exactly what he did in this episode. What was his childhood dream? Well, becoming a Superhero. And no joke, Akira gave it his best shot. This episode was good for multiple reasons.

Of course, the Shark fight was a spectacle, but even that aside, we got some really good character development for all 3 of our main cast, Akira, Kencho, and Shizuka. Great episode, easy 8/10.

My Happy Marriage Episode 6

After last week’s episode, we kind of knew what would happen this week but watching it was still a treat. That is right, this episode unleashed Kiyoka and let him show off his incredible powers. He tried his best to not kill anyone at Saimori. He rolled up with Kouji, fought Kouji’s father, knocked him unconscious, and walked away after rescuing his wife. What a chad. Not much in terms of the story in this episode but it was a pure visual treat and very satisfying to watch. The Saimoris got exactly what they deserved and we got a bit of character development for Kiyoka and Kouji.

Great episode, 9/10. Easily one of the best anime episodes of the week, one of the most satisfying to watch, in fact.

Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 6

Episode 6 acts as the continuation of the 2nd arc of the series. All the build-up for this arc was done in the previous episode and now it is time for action. And the action we did get in this episode. We got an awesome but brief fight between Sugaru and Lupin. The fight gave Aya some idea and we end the episode just as Aya is about to execute her plan and Lupin moves in for the steal. Great episode, with lots of great character moments, and the plot was top-notch. Another easy 8.5/10.

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 6

This guy is definitely the MVP of Episode 6

This show needs to stop doing this to me. For the past few weeks, this show has continuously left me on my knees at the end of the episode, begging for more. At first, I thought that the inclusion of vampires was random but after hearing Fukuchi’s whole plan, it makes a lot of sense. I also love how we are seeing the Hunting Dogs fall apart one by one as Fukuchi’s subordinates find out who he truly is. They’ve been really building up Fukuchi to be unbeatable so far. So I wonder how things will end for him.

Perfect episode left on an amazing cliffhanger too as always. Definitely one of the best anime episodes from this week. Easy 10/10.

Mushoku Tensei II Episode 6

We get so much character development for Fitz in this week’s episode. For those who have already figured out who Fitz is, this episode would make way more sense. Rudeus also realizes who Fitz is somewhere deep down as seen by his reactions when sees Fitz smile. He just doesn’t want to admit it, yet lol. He’s literally questioning his preferences instead of trying to reach for the answer that is right in front of him.

Anyway, this week we got a  new character too, Juliette. And I love how Rudeus handled the situation with her, Really shows how much he has grown over the years. And in case you forgot, Zanoba is actually the 3rd prince of the Shirone kingdom. Good episode, easy 8/10 from me.

Bleach TYBW Part 2 Episode 6

Yes, you know why I saved this one for the last. I made a whole article about this episode. This episode was such a long time coming, we waited for this exact moment for years and it finally happened. Rukia and Byakuya vs. As Nodt has finally been animated and it was glorious. The visuals were incredible, the animation team went to town with As Nodt’s creepy aesthetics complete with a spooky soundtrack. Then we got an incredibly important character moment for Byakuya as he finally acknowledges Rukia.

What better way to end the fight with the spookiest Sternritter than to unleash the most beautiful Bankai in the series? Hakka no Togame looked wonderful, that one scene alone makes this episode an easy 10/10. I love how even her skin was slightly transparent in the Bankai form as if all of her body is made up of just ice now. The attention to detail was just out of this world with her Bankai.


That is all for now. Those were my picks for the best episodes of the week. This week truly had some incredible episodes. I apologize for the return entries from the last week but As I said before, certain anime are bound to make multiple appearances. Let me know what you guys think in the comments though. I will take my leave here. See ya!

Also, check out my mid-season review for Zom 100 here!

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