Best ways to find inspiration for drawing anime characters

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If you are an aspiring anime artist, chances are you have tried your luck at drawing your anime characters. Most beginners start with anime tutorials or copying other anime characters.

However, once you have begun to perfect your drawings, you should try drawing your unique personalities. Drawing characters might seem complicated for beginner artists, but it’s pretty easy.

The key is to break up your drawing into separate parts. This way, you can focus on each element combined with other components to create the perfect sketch.

However, sometimes you may struggle to find new ideas for your drawings. It is a common problem that affects most artists.

The good news is that there are ways to resolve this issue. With a bit of inspiration and a few professional tips, you can reignite your creativity again.

Here are some of the best ways to get inspiration for drawing unique characters:

Go back to sketching

Most creative artists never leave sketching, even after they master digital art. Sketching while drawing characters is one of the best ways to help boost your creativity. When sketching a character, make sure that you only draw the basic outline and features.

Don’t go into the specifics, as this will hinder your creative thinking. While you can sketch with a digital drawing tool, some artists feel that sketching with a pencil is more empowering. You can also have a look at some good sketching tutorials that will help you with drawing characters.

Stop using reference drawings

When you are drawing characters, you may have a reference drawing to get inspiration from. While these may be helpful if you are practicing your skills, they are not so useful for creativity.

Try and draw a few characters without having the reference drawing in front of you. Your memory will have to compensate for the details that you cannot replicate. As a result, your drawings will be more original and creative.

Think outside the box

Any creative artist will tell you that one of the critical ingredients to creativity is to think outside the box. But how does this apply to anime drawings? It’s pretty simple.

All you need to do is think of something to add to your character against the anime style. It could be a different hairstyle or different clothing.

The important thing is to come up with something that no one has done before. You may be surprised at the creative ideas that your mind can come up with!

Get inspiration from professionals

Sometimes, the drawing process is the key to create drawings. Look at a few video tutorials of professional artists. Pay attention to how they make the characters without using reference lines. Doing so will reinforce the drawing process in your mind and give you more confidence to create your characters.

Final Takeaways!

Drawing anime characters often requires a creative mindset. It can be triggered by watching other drawings, being more confident, and practicing creative thinking exercises.

The best anime artists are those that create unique characters. Also, remember that failing is part of the process. If you draw a few flawed characters, then don’t give up. There will always be a success after a few failures.

Anyways, drawing unique characters requires a creative mind. Even if your character is not up to the mark, you will still have learned something valuable in the process.

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