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I know the review is a bit early but this is one anime that I won’t change my views on no matter the ending. I already like it and have a specific score for it and I doubt the ending can change it. Black Summoner is the criminally overlooked anime from this season. Never did I ever think that I’d end up enjoying this anime as much as I did. In some ways, it is the complete opposite of Tensei Kenja and I still like both of them.

So welcome back to another one of my reviews. This review is my first review for the season and Black Summoner is a very fitting anime to start on. It is something I thoroughly enjoyed but it is going to be hard to explain why I like this anime. So anyway, let’s just dive right into it.

Black Summoner confirms its premiere in July 2022 with official trailer and key visual


Black Summoner is like a typical isekai. A guy dies and is offered to be reincarnated into a fantasy world by a goddess. He accepts and sacrifices his old memories to gain more starting stats. As it happens, he fell in love with the goddess at first sight and asked her to accompany him on his new journey. She can’t directly come with him so she asks him to become a powerful enough summoner so that he can summon her instead.

The plot is not the best part of Black Summoner. It is not very detailed like Tensei Kenja or anything, it is just there. Even the anime doesn’t really care about the plot. The plot is only there to justify the fights. Fights are a very important part of this anime. The MC, Kelvin is a huge battle junkie and loves fighting against strong opponents. I will say this though, the skill system is pretty well done. It is even somewhat 4th wall breaking but I like it.

Black Summoner' Adds A Demon Princess To Kelvin's Party


This is where the fun part starts. Black Summoner has some really really good characters. Kelvin is one of my favorite characters from this season. He is such a chad, confessing the moment he fancied a girl and asking her to accompany him. He also really loves to fight as I previously mentioned. His party is full of some really good characters from Melphina to Gerard, all of them are really likable. Even characters who only appear for a few episodes like Victor are really well done.

Animations and Soundtracks

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the art style of Black Summoner. The character design is really good and the environment design is pretty good in itself. The animations are decent, the fights look really good and they are well worth the build-up. Sometimes, the CGI does look a bit clunky but I can tolerate that much. As for the soundtracks, some of the fight music is really good. I really like the opening theme, the ending theme is pretty ok.

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Here are my final ratings for Black Summoner:

  • Plot – 6/10
  • Characters – 8/10
  • Animations – 8/10
  • Soundtracks – 7/10
  • Enjoyment – 8/10
  • Fights – 10/10
  • Overall – 8/10

Well, those were my views on Black Summoner. A quick reminder, you can watch this anime completely for free on YouTube if you live in Asia on Ani One Asia’s channel. It is a pretty entertaining anime even though the plot is a bit meh, I really like what this anime did. As I said, it is kind of hard to explain why this anime is good. I just enjoyed it. Of course, those were my views, let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here… The Last of Us Part 1 just dropped, time to grab some popcorn. See ya!!

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