Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc – Everything we know So Far about Bleach’s Return!


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Bleach is one of the OG shonen series alongside Naruto, One Piece, and DBZ. At this is point it is old enough to be a lot of people’s first anime or manga. I mean, Bleach started its serialization all the way back in 2000; I wasn’t even born in 2000. But, I am so glad that the anime is finally coming back to adapt the awesome last arc of Bleach.

A lot of new stuff related to the TYBW arc was recently announced when Bleach got its spotlight during the Jump Super Studio EX event. So, what better time to talk about it than right now?  We have quite a lot of juicy details so you better strap in. Man, I am so damn excited.

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What do we know about TYBW arc anime?

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So as I said, there was this rather huge event called The Jump Super Stage EX. Bleach had its own spotlight during this event and they revealed a lot of stuff regarding the TYBW anime. They also gave us a teaser visual and a teaser trailer which looks just awesome. You can check out the trailer here, I will talk about it more later on.

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Aniplex also opened a new website revealing all the new staff and cast members. I can’t list them all here because it is a lot of names. Most important of them is the new director, Tomohisa Taguchi directed Akudama Drive which, I have to say is an interesting choice. Another interesting thing I found is that Yhwach and old-man Zangestu share the same VA. This is very interesting because the Bleach manga explicitly points out the similarities between them.

Bleach is all set to come back in the fall season of next year more specifically, October 2022. I kind of already expected that release date. Next year’s fall season looks pretty good now with Bleach and Makoto Shinkai’s new movie.

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Wait a minute, let me calm my nerves down after watching that crazy teaser trailer…. Bleach is soo awesome I am so higher than a kite on the hype. Ah so back to the proper talks, the teaser trailer looks awesome. Studio Pierrot will be back to animate the TYBW arc so I am not at all concerned over the quality now. As long as they can maintain the trailer-level animation quality, I will be happy.

As for the story itself, I have read the manga so I already know what is coming. If you haven’t read the manga, I’d say stay prepared for a lot of shocks. Bleach does not play around in the TYBW arc and a lot of surprises await you. I just can’t wait to see all of the fights in animation man. The fights in the TYBW arc are nothing short of awesome.

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That is it for now. Let me know if you’re hyped up for Bleach’s return or not down in the comments. Stay tuned for more content, it is going to be review city very soon. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!


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