Bleach TYBW Part 3 More Details Revealed!

Article at a glance:

  • The highly anticipated third part of Bleach Thousand Year Blood War will start airing in the Fall 2024 season.
  • The opening theme is “Kotoba ni Sezu Tomo” by SIX LOUNGE, and the ending theme is “Monochrome” by Suisoh, showcased in the new PV.
  • Part 3 promises significant original content alongside key manga moments, including exciting Bankai scenes and important character moments.

I’ve made this quite clear in the past but I am a huge Bleach fan. There are only a few anime that can get me as excited as I am for Bleach TYBW Part 3. The anime adaptation of the Thousand Year Bloor War arc as a whole has been a massive win for us Bleach fans given the massively improved visuals and the flurry of original content. But even then, Part 3 may out to be the biggest win for us yet. Because there is a lot of awesome stuff in the manga chapters this part will cover as is but we will likely also get a whole bunch of original content just like Part 2.

So welcome back to another news article. And today, of course, we are talking about Bleach TYBW Part 3! Thanks to Anime Expo, we got a bunch of new details on it and I am excited to talk about it. So let’s just start right away!

What do we know about Bleach TYBW Part 3?

Part 3 was confirmed for this year a while ago. But we didn’t know what season it’d come out in. We’re already in the summer season now so, of course, it was going to be fall season. And sure enough, we have confirmation that the anime will start airing in October, the Fall 2024 season. Aside from that, the new PV showcased the opening and ending themes for Part 3. And we got an awesome teaser visual for Part 3 as well. The opening theme is “Kotoba ni Sezu Tomo” by SIX LOUNGE and the ending theme is “Monochrome” by Suisoh.

TYBW Part 3 is called “The Conflict” and I think the title is self-explanatory. And speaking of, you can check out the new PV here. It is awesome and it will get any Bleach fan’s blood pumping.

That covers all the news for now so let’s move on to

my Thoughts

I cannot describe just how excited I am for Part 3. As I mentioned, there is a lot of awesome stuff as is in these chapters of the manga. But more than that, I look forward to what kind of original content the anime has in store for us. The last 2-3 episodes of Part 2 were pretty much all new anime original content. Part 3 is covering significantly fewer manga chapters than Parts 1 and 2 so that opens up the room for a lot of original content and I cannot wait to see what it is.

That PV showcased almost all “Bankai” moments from Parts 1 and 2, and in the end, it teased Kyouraku’s Bankai. That was one of the coolest moments in the manga and I cannot wait to see his Bankai animated. I am sure Akio Otsuka will nail the performance as he always does. The PV ended with Yhwach and Haswalch saying a “poem” together. Another tease for an upcoming important scene. I am so excited about this anime, it is ridiculous.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Sorry if I fanboyed a little too hard but I can’t help it. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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