Bleach TYBW Separation Arc Reveals Amazing New PV!

Key takeaways from Bleach TYBW Separation arc news:

  1. The Bleach TYBW Separation arc is set to release on July 8th, 2023, with the original cast and staff reprising their roles, along with four new cast members.
  2. The opening theme for the arc, titled ‘STARS,’ will be performed by the rock band ‘w.o.d,’ adding to the excitement surrounding the upcoming season.
  3. The recently released PV showcases the return of Uryu, an unexpected encounter between Ichigo and Uryu, and the highly anticipated Bankai reveal of Shinji, generating immense hype among Bleach fans.

Bleach TYBW Arc Part 2 Reveals Trailer, Release Date & New Cast

It is no secret that I am a huge Bleach fan. It is like I genuinely forgot how much I loved the series till the anime returned after years of begging. And now the Bleach TYBW Separation arc is right around the corner and I am drooling like a 6-month-old kid after looking at the amazing PV.

Yes, Bleach finally dropped a PV for the upcoming arc. The hype for this arc was already pretty high because Kubo said we are getting a new fight that was not in the manga. But it seems like we are in for way more than just that. The title of the arc also alludes to the theme we can expect.

But, before I go deeper into all that let’s go over all the news first. I was excited for this arc before but now I am literally on my knees for it. So let’s get you all up to speed on the news.

What do we know about Bleach TYBW Separation arc?

Well, as it was announced earlier, the arc will be coming out in the Summer season, that is sometime in July 2023. But now, we have a confined date of July 8th. Of course, all of the previous cast and staff members will be reprising their respective roles. We also have 4 new cast members: Aoi Yuuki, Tsuyoshi Koyama, Souichiro Hoshi, and Nao Touyama.

Aside from that, the opening theme for the season was revealed. The rock band ‘w.o.d’ is performing the opening called ‘STARS’. They have quite a few awesome songs, I really recommend going through their catalog if you’re a rock enthusiast. The opening theme is featured in the PV. You can check out the PV here.

Now, that all of the news is out of the way, let me start my fanboying and obsession over this PV.

What do I think?

Uryu was kind of missing in the TYBW arc, I hear you say. Looks like the anime is here to correct that mistake. Just judging from the last two voice lines from Ichigo and Uryu, they seem to have more involvement in this part of the story. This was not in the manga, they met after the second invasion when Yhwach killed the Soul King. So this is an amazing addition in and of itself. BUUUUT, we got something even better.

Yes, in the PV, y boy, Shinji uttered those two magical syllables that give all Bleach fans chills.


I SWEAR just hearing these two syllables from an unexpected character is enough to send Bleach fans into a state of frenzy because of the sheer hype of the moment. What’s better is that we know what Shinji’s Bankai does thanks to the Novels. So it should be fun to see if they use the same concept or change it for the anime.

Anyhow, potential peak Ichigo vs. Shrift Uryu and my boy, Shinji getting the spotlight he deserves with the Bankai, I am elated right now.


That is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. And just so you know, I fell to my knees in Walmart when I saw this new trailer, and I am drooling rivers right now. I may not be able to sleep tonight because of the excitement. Well, that has more to do with the fact that I have an exam tomorrow and I need to study… Anyhow, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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