Bleach TYBW Staff Harassed Online… Please Stop This

Key points for news on Bleach TYBW Staff Harassment:

  • The harassment of Bleach TYBW Staff began with the removal of a minor suggestive scene from the manga in the anime adaptation, which escalated into a wave of online hate.
  • The staff responded to the harassment by emphasizing the importance of constructive criticism over threats, highlighting that extreme negativity could lead to a decline in the anime’s quality and production.
  • Despite the hate, fans rallied together to show support for the staff, using hashtags like #thank_you_to_all_bleach_staff to express appreciation and positivity.
My reaction to the situation

From where I am from, we are always taught to assume the best in people. That is why you will sometimes see me defend things I should not. But the thing is, even someone like me has things and people I absolutely cannot tolerate. And Twitter has no shortage of such people. things. Yeah, it has been pretty rough for the Bleach TYBW Staff.

I meant to make an article on this sooner but I didn’t want to give the haters more clout. Fortunately for me, fans have started to fight back and show support to the staff. So I can end this on a positive note. So let’s start.

Bleach TYBW Staff receive harassment online
If you don’t stop the threats, Yhwach will use Auswählen on you.

Why did the Bleach TYBW Staff harassment start?

Well, like all things, this also started with a small thing. The removal of a suggestive scene from the manga in anime is what started all this. Was the scene important in any way, shape, or form? No. Not at all. But people still malded about it online. This slowly snowballed into a full-on hate train for the staff with people shitting on the anime left and right.

Some people even called it a freaking slide show, clearly, they haven’t watched Record of Ragnarok. Yes, I am still mad about that. But if you’ve watched even a single episode of the anime, you know how good it looks. But the hate grew enough that the staff was forced to respond to it.

The Staff’s Response

Obviously, I can’t fit all of the responses here since there are a lot of them. Here’s the most important one though:

bleach tybw staff responds to the hate

Well, it’s okay to complain, but I think you should stop threatening or threatening to harm. If you do, the main staff may get tired of it and leave, which could lead to a decline in the quality of the work

Yes, at some point the threats were so bad, that it could have led to the main staff leaving the series. That would basically mean that cours 3 and 4 of the anime would be delayed indefinitely, if not canceled outright. Even if they found new core staff, the quality of production would completely fall off because of how complicated things would become behind the scenes.

Multiple staff members shared the same sentiment. Saying that they are open to constructive criticism but death threats are going too far.

It is not all bad though!

Yes, you heard me right. Some of my bros, who actually love the series have banded together to show some respect to the staff. And I hope that the word reaches them loud and clear. Here are some viral threads showing support

If you have some good words to say please use the #thank_you_to_all_bleach_staff and tweet some words of positivity out there!

That is all for Now

  • For all my fellow fans out there fighting for the support of the anime team: keep up the good fight, I am with you.
  • For all the staff members: ignore the hate, and keep doing what you’re doing. We appreciate you.
  • For all the haters: get a life, touch some grass, and find something better to do than sending death threats to people working their a$$es off for your entertainment.
  • I refuse to call Twitter X

All this because they removed a lewd scene. Yeah, I am not even surprised anymore. Anyway, that is all for now. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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