Blue Exorcist Season 3 More Details Announced!

Key takeaways from Blue Exorcist Season 3 news:

  • Blue Exorcist Season 3 has been officially confirmed as a sequel, adapting the Shimane Illuminati arc from the manga.
  • The anime boasts a talented staff, including director Daisuke Yoshida and renowned music directors Kota Yamamoto and Hiroyuki Sawano, promising an exciting production.
  • Fans can anticipate the release of Blue Exorcist Season 3 in Winter 2024, with high expectations for the quality of the anime.

The earlier announcement led many, including myself, to believe it was a reboot. Back then it was just announced as a “New Blue Exorcist anime project”. They didn’t say what it was and a reboot made a lot of sense. But we were wrong it looks like and Blue Exorcist Season 3: Shimane Illuminati arc is now official.

Season 2 was released 6 years after Season 1 in 2017. Here we are, 6 years later once again, talking about Season 3. Who would’ve thought? As I said in a previous article, a lot of the classics from the 2010s era are coming back and I love it.

So welcome back to another news article. Today we are talking about Blue Exorcist Season 3, as unexpected as that sounds. So let’s get started.

What do we know about Blue Exorcist Season 3?

As I said earlier, this anime was originally announced as just a “new project” but now it has been confirmed to be a sequel. As the name suggests, this season will adapt the Shimane Illuminati arc from the Manga, All the major cast members will be reprising their roles. Although the staff is a bit different. The anime will be directed by Daisuke Yoshida at Studio VOLN. They’ve previously worked on the famous movie, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas.

Also, get this, the series’ music will be handled by Kota Yamamoto and Hiroyuki Sawano. They are probably the two most well-known music directors in the industry right now. So the OSTs from this season will be straight fire. The anime is scheduled for a Winter 2024 release, so that means sometime in January next year. We also got a teaser preview for the new season which you can check out here!

So now let’s move on to

What do I think?

Oh boy, just the thought of Sawano and Yamamoto working together on the music makes me really excited about Blue Exorcist Season 3. I would be excited about a new season of Ao no Ex as is but looking at that staff list really made my day. I really don’t know what else to say. An anime I really enjoyed back in the day is getting a sequel after all these years and it looks like it is going to be a pretty high-quality production. What else can I ask for?

Seriously, I am so happy right now that I am kind of at a loss for words right now. Aniplex 2023 Web Fest has brought us a bunch of new big news stories like this. Stay tuned for them is all I can say LOL.


That is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Blue Exorcist Season 3 should be fun and I look forward to it. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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