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I am not sure I’ve talked about the BNHA manga before. Yes, I’ve talked about the anime twice, but I don’t remember talking about the manga. But I caught up with the manga recently and it will probably be ending soon, this is probably a good opportunity to talk about it. I know a lot of people hate the manga and the fans will of course die on a hill defending it. But, the truth is somewhere in the middle, as it usually is.

So welcome back to another edition of our manga recommendation series. Let’s talk about BNHA or Boku no Hero Academia today. I don’t usually do this but fair warning, please beware of BNHA stans. Not all of them are bad but, some of them are real creeps. With that said though, let’s start right away.

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BNHA or Boku no Hero Academia is written and illustrated by Kohei Hirokishi. It started its serialization in July 2014 and will more than likely end sometime next year as it is in its final arc. It is a typical shonen which I like for its pacing. It has some really cool fights and some hard-hitting emotional moments. And quite a few twists, some of which are apparent, some are not.


BNHA follows Izuku Midoriya who wants to become a hero but has no power of his own. He really idolizes the no. 1 hero, All Might, and wants to be like him but can’t. As luck would have it, he soon receives his own “quirk” and is able to enroll in the best hero high school in Japan. He is soon thrust into the intense fight between good and evil as the Villains just don’t want to leave their school alone.

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I purposefully left the summary vague to save the surprise. As I was saying though, I like BNHA for its fast pacing. The arcs are stringed together pretty well and sometimes there is a lot going on at once. One minor complaint I have is that arcs like the school festival arc or UA traitor arc really kill the momentum of the series. I understand why they exist, I just wish they were a bit shorter. Other than that, the plot is fairly entertaining and will more than likely keep you interested.


Oh boy, there are a lotΒ of characters in BNHA. So many in fact that is easy to lose track. Sure, only a few of them are pivotal to the story but the sheer amount of characters the author came up with is kinda amazing. Somewhat reminds me of Bleach as both mangas/animes have absolutely huge rosters. Most characters in BNHA don’t compare to Bleach IMO though. I like the fact that they and all their distinct personalities; making their interactions valuable and frankly, that’s what matters the most.

When there are this many characters, you want their interactions to be good and BNHA gives you that. Also, some characters have really good backstories like Shoto or Dabi for example.

Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Chapter 230 Manga


BNHA has pretty good art as well. I love the fact that the author includes “easter eggs” from different mangas often in his backgrounds and a lot of his character designs are inspired by other animes/mangas as well. He wears his inspirations on his sleeves and I like him for that. The fights look really good and the art is really detailed at times. So yeah, pretty good all things considered.

Why should you read BNHA?

Quick pointers on why you should check out this manga:

  • Good plot
  • Fast-paced
  • Lots of good fights
  • Good characters
  • Great art
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Well, that is all for now. BNHA is definitely something you should check out for yourself since there is a lot of blind hate for it floating around. I won’t say it’s perfect, just that it is not bad as some people claim. Let me know what you think in the comments though and I’ll take my leave here. I’m really hungry. See ya!!

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