BNHA Season 6 Goes Hard!

So surprisingly, this is one anime I didn’t hear any buzz about this season. This is weird because season 5 left us on a pretty big cliffhanger. I guess it is because CSM and Bleach have been dominating the market and then there are surprising animes like The Eminence in Shadow and Bocchi. But you know, BNHA Season 6 delivers on what it should.

So welcome back to another one of my “mid-season” reviews. Let’s talk about BNHA Season 6 today. It is not technically a “mid-season” review since the season will have 2 cours instead of the usual 1. But you know, I have to say, this arc has been excellent. Easily my favorite BNHA arc by far.

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What do I think of BNHA Season 6 so far?

BNHA Season 6 picks off right where season 5 left off. Yup, right on that cliffhanger ending. You knew that this season would be full of action right from the beginning and it absolutely is. The story has been absolutely taking off and I love the fast pacing they are going with for the arc. This arc is easily one of the best arcs in the entire series.

So, the season starts off with a race to finish off Shigaraki before he wakes up from his modification process. As you may imagine though, of course, he manages to wake up. And would you look at it, boy here now has One for All. And sure as hell, all the heroes have a super rough time against it. But you know, an overpowered quirk is not the only thing he has under his belt. Because of the modifications, he went through, Shigaraki is just physically strong enough to hold his own against the top heroes.

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BNHA Season 6 also takes a slightly darker turn, especially on the Hawks’ side of things. Hawks actually manages toΒ killΒ Twice. And that scene kind of hurts to see, he genuinely believed that Twice could be rehabilitated. Then there’s the whole Dabi reveal, which I won’t spoil. Damn that hit hard as well.

All in all, BNHA Season 6 is just what the doctor ordered. It lives up to the expectations; does not surpass them but it is good enough. As I said, this season is exactly what you’d expect, nothing better, nothing worse. But still, I am actually enjoying this season and the fights in this are pretty awesome as well. As things stand, I’ll give it a fairΒ 7/10;Β preliminary rating, of course, may change over the course of the season.

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Well, that is all for now. Those were my views on BNHA Season 6. It is a subjective matter of course so let me know what you guys think in the comments. As I said, despite my minor issues, I am enjoying this season and I do look forward to seeing more of it. Thankfully, it’ll go on for a while since it is listed for 25 episodes. Well, that is all for now though. I will take my leave here. I am really hungry. See ya!!

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