Bofuri, Anime Recommendation of the Week!

With season 2 of this anime confirmed for Winter 2023, this is a good time to talk about Bofuri. I was drawn to this anime because of all the memes and because I like the art style. And you know, it was pretty much what I expected. The story wasn’t anything to write home about but the concept is good and the show is very enjoyable. So let’s give it a spotlight today.

Welcome back to another edition of our anime recommendation series. This week we are talking about Bofuri. That is the name I’ll stick with because the full name is a bit too long. Let’s get right into it.

Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, So I'll Max Out My Defense (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb


Bofuri is based on the LN of the same name by Yuumikan and illustrated by Koin. The LN is still ongoing and started back in September 2017. As for the anime, it’s made by Silver Link and is 12 episodes long. Only one season as of now with a 2nd season confirmed for winter 2023. The first season came out in the winter season of 2020 and you can watch it on YouTube through Muse Network’s channels.

Bofuri for the most part is a comedy anime with some SOL elements and some decent action. If you’re a fan of fluff/comedy stuff like me, you’ll love this anime. Just see all the memes that spawned from this anime, it’s a simple anime; perfect if you want to relax.

so I'll Max Out My Defense Archives - The Otaku Author


Bofuri has a pretty straightforward plot. Kaede, our MC decides to check out a VRMMORPG at the request of her dear friend Risa. The game simulates pain in real life and Kaede didn’t want to get hurt so she put all points she got into defense. That’s where the memeing starts, slowly she becomes one of the strongest players of the game just by pumping all her stat points into defense.

As I said, nothing much to write home about here. It is a simple plot with an interesting concept and it works. The anime is meant for comedy and the plot provides a great background to that. And the main driving force for the comedy is…

Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, So I'll Max Out My Defense (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb


Bofuri has some really likable characters. It is a pretty innocent anime and that is reflected in Kaede or Maple. She’s easily one of the sweetest MCs I’ve ever seen. She is so clueless and this is one of the things that make this anime so enjoyable. Aside from our adorable Maple, we have the pro-gamer Sally… and boy, she’s scary when she gets serious. All in all, great cast they really make this anime what it is.

Animations and Soundtracks

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The animations themselves are pretty average. However, I really do like the art style. Bofuri has a very wide color palette and all those colors are very pleasing to see. Some of the moments in this anime really do stand out because of the color palette. Even if the animations are pretty average, they don’t stand out because the color palette is so beautiful. As for the soundtracks, Bofuri has some good BGMs, that one BGM is still stuck in my head even after 2 years. The opening theme was pretty nice but, I don’t remember the ending theme as much.

Why should you watch Bofuri?

Quick pointers on why you should check out this anime:

  • Simple plot
  • Really funny
  • Great characters
  • Good art style and direction


That is all for now. I really like Bofuri, it is one of those anime that I can watch at any time. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, you really should check this anime out if you haven’t yet. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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