Burn the Witch, Anime Recommendation of the Week!

Key takeaways from Anime Recommendation – Burn the Witch:

  • Burn the Witch is set in the same universe as Bleach, offering some familiar elements for fans of the author, Tite Kubo, but it can be enjoyed independently.
  • The series stands out with its parallel version of London and its focus on hunting “Dragons.” The unique setting, along with engaging fights and powers, makes it a compelling watch.
  • The dynamic between the main characters, Noel and Ninny, adds depth to the series. Memorable side characters also contribute to the enjoyment of the plot.

So when I was writing the news article for the prequel announcement of this anime, I realized that I haven’t talked about Burn the Witch at all on the website. And that is a damn shame so here we are to correct that with this article. I think it’s pretty fitting to talk about it this week since all the prequel buzz is at its peak right now.

Found out about this anime because of Bleach, you know, same author, same universe but a different setting. And yes, the settingΒ isΒ quite a bit different from Bleach. Only the last scene of the last episode confirms that both series in fact do share the same universe,

So welcome back to another edition of our anime recommendation series. Today we are talking about Burn the Witch or BTW as I will refer to it most of the time. So let’s get started.


Burn the Witch is based on the short 4-chapter manga by Tite Kubo. Depending on which version you’re watching, the anime adaptation is either a movie or a 3-episode long series. Both of those have the same content so which version you find isn’t an issue. The anime came out in the fall season of 2020. As I mentioned earlier, this series does share the same universe with Bleach. But you don’t need to watch Bleach to enjoy BTW. The only thing you’ll miss is a few easter eggs, that’s all.


Similar to Bleach, in BTW there are monsters that normal people cannot see. There exists a parallel version of London called Reverse London in which it is possible to see these monsters called “Dragons” with bare eyes. Both of our MCs, Ninny, and Noel work for an organization called Wing Bind and they basically send people to kill the Dragons and protect the humans They have managed to prevent attacks for a century now but things don’t look too good after a Dark Dragon appears…

You can feel Kubo’s fingerprints on that plot, right? It is very Bleach-like for sure but the setting really makes BTW standout. The setting, the fights, and the powers in this series are pretty unique and they do a great job of giving the series an identity. It is a really good plot, especially considering the series is only 3 episodes long.


Not that many characters to talk about but Noel and Ninny are obvious standouts. They’re really well-written, and their dynamic is incredibly fun to watch. Even after all this time together, they still manage to grow closer by the end of the series. Alongside them, there are some memorable side characters too like Bruno, Parks, and Macy. The character dynamics really add more fun to the plot.

Animations and Soundtracks

Once again, just like Bleach, the OSTs for Burn the Witch are pretty awesome. I like the new art style Kubo went with for the series and the anime does a great job of producing the art and the animations. The character designs are really good too.

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Why should you watch Burn the Witch?

Quick pointers on why you should watch this show!

  • Great plot
  • Good characters
  • Awesome fights
  • Pretty short

Wrapping Up

That is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Burn the Witch is a fun anime, I really do enjoy it. And I’ll say it again, you don’t need to watch Bleach to understand and enjoy BTW. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!!

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