Campfire Cooking in Another World Season 2 Announced

Key points for Campfire Cookin in Another World Season 2 news:

  • I discuss the recent announcement of the second season of Campfire Cooking in Another World, providing details from a special event.
  • I explore the intriguing aspect of Campfire Cooking getting a sequel before Chainsaw Man, speculating on potential reasons and expressing my personal opinions on the matter.
  • I touch on Mappa’s potential workload and how it might impact the announcement of certain anime sequels, particularly Chainsaw Man Season 2.

I know that this announcement is from a few days ago, and I do apologize for the delay in covering this. But I was really debating if I should cover it or not since it is only an early announcement and this anime isn’t that big or anything. But I decided to finally cover this because Campfire Cooking in Another World getting a 2nd season brings up a few interesting topics for conversation.

And yeah, most of those topics have to do with Mappa in general. That said though, this isn’t a bad anime to give a sequel to because its Season 1 was unexpectedly wholesome and chill.

Let’s get over the news first since there isn’t a lot of it. And then get into why this getting a Season 2 announcement is very interesting. So welcome back to another news article, today we are talking about Campfire Cooking in Another World Season 2. Let’s get started.

What do we know about Campfire Cookin in Another World Season 2?

There was a special event for this anime last Sunday. The special even announced that Season 2 is currently under production. Season 1 of course, was produced by Mappa. And it came out earlier this year in the Winter 2023 season. No release window, staff/cast, or anything like that has been announced for Season 2 yet. But I think it is fair to assume that most of the staff/cast will remain the same.

Now, let’s get into the more interesting part

My Thoughts

A common discourse I saw regarding the announcement of this sequel was that it is getting announced before a sequel for Chainsaw Man. Hell’s Paradise got a sequel announcement almost immediately after the first season ended. And now this, yet no confirmation for Chainsaw Man Season 2. Even though CSM may well be Mappa’s biggest project to date. Some people are saying that CSM underperformed in physical sales, which is why it hasn’t been confirmed yet. I am not sure what physical sales are considered “good” so I won’t comment on that.

But it is certainly interesting that Campfire Cooking in Another World is getting a sequel announcement before something as big as Chainsaw Man. Personally, I think it got an announcement first because it is much easier to animate than Chainsaw Man. Most of Mappa’s top staff is likely working on Jujutsu Kaisen right now. So I think that CSM Season 2 will be announced after JJK Season 2 is done. I really hope that Mappa turns their work schedule down a little next year for the sake of their employees. But that probably won’t happen.

That is all for now…

Certainly some interesting conversations to be had about the announcement of this sequel. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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