Can’t Fear Your Own World, Let’s Talk about it

Key takeaways from Can’t Fear Your Own World guide:

  1. Can’t Fear Your Own World (CFYOW) is a Bleach light novel series by Ryogo Narita and illustrated by Tite Kubo. It explores the aftermath of the TYBW arc, delving into the fate of Yhwach’s corpse, the prevention of the world’s collapse, and the impact on Soul Society.
  2. CFYOW provides essential world-building and character development, fleshing out figures like Shuhei Hisagi and Ichibei. The novels reveal the origins of the Soul King and the 5 great noble families, offering important insights missing from the TYBW arc.
  3. The upcoming TYBW Part 2 anime is expected to incorporate elements from CFYOW, potentially featuring the Soul King’s origin story. The trailer teases new scenes involving the Soul King and a mysterious figure walking into the water, raising anticipation for the adaptation and the potential inclusion of the entire CFYOW arc.

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Can’t Fear Your Own World is by far the best of the three Bleach LN series by Ryogo Narita. Yes, the other two were good but, they felt very fanfiction-y. CFYOW though, can easily be accepted as canon and even Kubo has gone out of his way to show some love to this series.

And looks like it will become canon in the future. What do I mean? Well, the new trailer for the TYBW Arc part 2, teased something that has to be related to CYFOW one way or another.

So let’s talk about Can’t Fear Your Own World and how relevant it could be in the upcoming TYBW Part 2 anime. Let me start off with a brief introduction to the LN though.

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As I said, CYFOW is written by Ryogo Narita and illustrated by Tite Kubo himself. It deals with the immediate aftermath of the TYBW arc. Things like what happened to Yhwach’s corpse, how was the world prevented from collapsing, and how the war affected the Soul Society. The protagonist of the novel is Shuhei Hisagi. The novels deal with a lot of world-building as the origins of the Soul King and the 5 great noble families are revealed.

It fleshes out a lot of characters that felt lacking in the TYBW arc, like Shuhei himself and Ichibei. Honestly, the content of this LN series is so good and important that they should’ve been a part of TYBW all along. That said, CYFOW is not big enough to warrant a full 12-episode anime. So we are getting the next best thing:

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Can’t Fear Your Own World in the upcoming season

We are definitely getting some content of CYFOW in the coming season that is for sure. Even Shinji’s Bankai was revealed in the novels so there will be that at the very least. But, we got slightly more than that. The trailer had some completely new scenes involving the Soul King that are not in the manga. This makes many of us believe that we will probably get to see the Sould King origin story from CYFOW in the anime.

That is now all though. The trailer also has a shot of a person walking into the water with a sword in their hands. This is most likely the Soul King himself. Buuut, there is a minor chance that it could be Tokinada instead. Tokinada was the main antagonist of CYFOW. He stole a sword containing a dangerous Hollow from Oetsu’s castle during the scuffle of the war. And Oetsu’s castle is surrounded by water too. So it could be either of the two.

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So there is definitely going to be some part of Can’t Fear Your Own World in the upcoming season. And that makes me really excited. Hopefully, we get to see the whole arc adapted to the TYBW anime because the arc with Hisagi serves as a great epilogue to the TYBW arc.

Important Things from CYFOW

Important plot points and revelations from CYFOW that may or may not be included in the anime in the future. Of course, as I just said, some of these have already been confirmed in the trailer. Still, here are the important takeaways from CYFOW:

  • The immediate aftermath of the TYBW arc. This was severely lacking in the manga as we literally get a flash forward as our ending scene. Leaving the TYBW arc feeling incomplete. This deal with how the Shinigami, the remaining Sternritter, and Arrancars are interacting, the fate of Yhwach’s corpse, the state of Ichigo’s powers, etc.
  • The Soul King origin story. Probably the most important part of the whole novel series. A lot of heavy info on the Soul King.
  • The origin of the three worlds and the five noble families of Soul Society. This is an extension of the previous point as it heavily involves the Soul King. All this also adds more context to Yhwach’s character as it solidifies his motivations more.

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  • Shinji and Hisagi’s Bankai. Of course, we do see a glimpse of Shinji’s bankai in the trailer. I wonder if they will reveal Hisagi’s Bankai in the anime too. Honestly, his Bankai is great for dealing with characters like Gerard. So there are potential points where it can be used.
  • Tokinada Tusneyashiro and Ikomikidomoe. Tokinada is the main antagonist of CYFOW. He reveals quite a bit about the noble families. Funnily enough, his backstory gives a more fleshed-out character to Tousen of all people. Ikomikidomoe is a powerful Hollow sealed in a Zanpakuto by Ichibei and Oetsu. It is an ancient Hollow and as such drops a lot of that sweet sweet lore.


That is all for now. I am really happy that Can’t Fear Your Own World is going to be included at least in some part in the TYBW anime. CYFOW is honestly great and if you want deep dive into Bleach lore, I really recommend the series. It is only 3 volumes either way. It is really nice to see Ryogo Narita’s writing style evolve over time. CYFOW is easily his finest Bleach work. With that said, I will take my leave here.

And of course, you can check out the latest updates on the TYBW Part 2 anime right here.

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