Chillin in Another World is Quite Fun

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  • Despite a clichΓ©d plot, “Chillin in Another World” excels in character interactions, with Rys being a standout thanks to Kugiyama Rie’s voice acting.
  • The anime is more enjoyable as a rom-com rather than a serious isekai, with delightful character dynamics overshadowing its lackluster story.
  • Fans of Honkai Impact 3rd will particularly appreciate the anime, as the female lead, Rys, closely resembles Kiana in appearance and personality.

Before I say anything about this anime. If you have ever played a game called Honkai Impact 3rd, drop whatever you are doing and just go and watch this anime. We all love Kiana from HI3 and this anime’s female MC literally is Kiana. Rys too has white hair and blue eyes, she is also voiced by Kugiyama Rie, she also has this cutesy fun-loving personality and Rys blew up a kitchen as well, just like Kiana. Chillin in Another World is as close as we HI3 fans are going to get to an anime version of Kiana. So just go and watch it lol.

Right, so the initial rant about Kiana and HI3 aside, how good is the anime? I’ll be honest if you look at it as an isekai/fantasy series, it is not good. There are a lot of cliches and contrivances, you know the drill. If you look at it as a rom-com anime though, it is good. It is a lot of fun to watch and I ran through all 8 available episodes before I even realized it. This is not a “proper” review because if I do that, it will be full of criticisms towards the plot and I don’t want to do that to a series I enjoyed, no matter how cliche it is.

So we’re doing something similar to my mid-season reviews. Let’s get started,

What do I think of Chillin in Another World?

Let’s get the rough part out of the way first, the plot is meh. The only difference from a regular isekai is that the MC is not from our world, as they typically are. He was in a fantasy world and was summoned to another fantasy world. Other than that, you’ve seen most of this stuff before in other isekais. Even the world itself is not that special. So if you want to watch something with a strong plot focus, watch something else.

Where this anime does excel though are the characters. The characters and the character interactions are where all the strength and fun of this anime lie. Flio is a shallow MC though, he has little to no growth and no observable flaws to make him interesting. But he is still better than most isekai MCs because events from his previous life affect his character now and his relationship with Rys and how it slowly evolves is a delight to watch.

Aside from him though, we have got quite an assortment of characters. Rys, of course, is the best by far in terms of character growth and writing. Kugiyama Rie knocked the voice acting out of the park as always. She even sings the opening theme for the anime in character and it is adorable. Characters like Ghozal, Hiya, Balirossa, and the Princess are quite interesting as well. The hero makes for a shallow but good villain for the season, you can’t help but hate him and that is a good thing for a villain.

The production is nothing special but the opening theme is just chef’s kiss. Kugiyama Rie singing in character and going full “Danna-sama” is something I did not know I needed but boy am I glad to have it and I listen to it every day while working out now. It’ll hit harder if you are a HI3 player too because you will NOT be able to unhear Kiana in that opening.

Just watch the opening, you will instantly understand the appeal of this anime.

That is all for now

Critically speaking, I cannot give Chillin in Another World anime more than a 6.5 because of the cliche plot and the “perfect” MC, but I ended up enjoying it a lot. That is why I didn’t make a “proper” review for this. But again, if you are looking for some mindless fun with great characters and character interactions, check this out. Especially check it out if you are a HI3 player. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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