Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Review – A Great Season Overall

Key points for Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Review:

  • Classroom of the Elite Season 3 delivers a compelling plot filled with tension and unexpected twists, keeping viewers invested throughout. The voting arc, in particular, stands out for its well-executed build-up and surprising outcomes.
  • Characters like Horikita undergo notable development, with Hirata facing challenges post-voting arc. Ayanokoji’s role as a flat character becomes evident, serving to bring out the best in others. Koenji is highlighted for his impactful presence in scenes.
  • The animations and soundtracks in Season 3 maintain the series’ standard, with no significant improvements but staying consistent with previous seasons. The new opening theme receives praise for both animation quality and the song itself, contributing to the overall enjoyment of the series.

It is not a stretch to say that Season 3 is probably the best overall at this point. Everyone fell in love with the series when we watched the season finale of season 1 and then we begged on our knees for season 2 for years. We finally got season 2 and it was really good, to be fair. But then now we have Classroom of the Elite Season 3 and this is another anime I have been itching to review. This season has been filled to the brim with some nice plot twists and tension.

So welcome back to another review and today we are talking about Classroom of the Elite Season 3. I have not read the full LN for year 1 but I do know that they made certain omissions to the anime. Of course, some of them were unavoidable. But I think they could have kept some scenes. And they would’ve made the anime better. Regardless, I will judge the anime as is and try not to talk about the omissions much. So let’s get started.


The plot in this season does a great job of keeping you invested. It builds up tension really well and uses it to enhance the impact of the plot twits. For example, the voting arc had a good build of 3 episodes and then when the results came, it was completely different from what anyone even expected. Then it turns out that the results weren’t even the main goal of Ayanokoji during those exams.

Aside from minor pacing issues and certain omissions, I have no complaints about the plot of this season. In fact, the latest episode of the series even gave us Ayanokoji’s overall final goal in ANHS and how he wants to prove his father wrong. The upcoming arc looks pretty interesting as well. The concept of the arc itself is fun and we will finally get to see Ayanokoji and Sakayanagi go head-to-head. It will be fun to see what kind of tricks he pulls now that he is essentially the leader of the class in this arc.


Hirata has been struggling since the voting arc, which has caused him to stop participating in class discussions. In contrast, Horikita’s character has been flourishing as a leader this season. Ayanokoji learned from her brother about Horikita’s past, and he gave her a nice lecture at the beginning of the voting arc. Despite Hirata’s recent struggles, he is still an important member of the class, and it will be interesting to see how Ayanokoji and Horikita bring him back.

Ayanokoji himself is a flat character and that is kind of the point. It is not like he doesn’t have flaws, it’s just that he is there to bring out the best qualities in other people. Which is why he promised Horikita’s brother that he will fix her. Ichinnose and Karuizawa have also had their roles to play in this season and lastly, I’d like to finish with a quick shout-out to Koenji because he rules every scene he is in. He is incredibly well-portrayed as well.

animations and Soundtracks

The animations are decent. Nothing too good but they are in line with the previous seasons and that is all this series needs. The same goes for the soundtracks. The new opening theme is great both in terms of the animations and the song. The ending theme and the soundtrack in general are pretty good as well.

Summing Up

Here are my final review scores for Classroom of the Elite Season 3:

  • Plot – 9/10
  • Characters – 9/10
  • Animations – 8/10
  • Soundtracks – 8/10
  • Enjoyment – 9/10
  • Overall – 8.5/10

That is all for now. That was my review for Classroom of the Elite Season 3. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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