Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture, What to Expect?

Key points for Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture story discussion:

  • Speculation arises around how the events of “Roze of the Recapture” will unfold within the Resurrection timeline, including potential involvement from characters like Akito and the implications of Lelouch’s continued existence.
  • Anticipation grows for a deeper exploration of the political landscape following the power vacuum left by Zero’s Requiem, suggesting that “Roze of the Recapture” will delve into the aftermath and consequences of Lelouch’s actions.
  • With the identities of the new protagonists shrouded in secrecy, fans eagerly await their reveal, anticipating connections to the existing lore and potential spoilers regarding the direction of the narrative.

So first off, I won’t claim to be a Code Geass lore expert or anything. I fact-checked everything presented here but even if after that, I make a mistake, please forgive me. I am just very excited about Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture. And I really wanted to talk about what direction the story of this upcoming sequel series could take. There is quite a bit of interesting stuff to go over and I wanted to address all that.

So welcome back to yet another discussion article. Seems like I’ve been doing one every week now. But I don’t mind it at all since these give me a chance to freely express my thoughts about a series without sticking to a particular format. Today we are talking about Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture once again. The movies are set for a Japanese release next month with the worldwide release coming out sometime in June on Disney+. So I wanted to throw out some story ideas and see which ones stick. So let’s get started!

What could Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture plot be like?

The first thing to clear up is that this series will take place in the Resurrection timeline. So Lelouch is still alive, unlike the original timeline. So he may make an appearance. There are also other minor differences in the Resurrection timeline like Shirley is still alive and may even have a Geass of her own. And we don’t know if the events of Akito the Exiled happened in this timeline or not.

So that brings me to my first idea. Roze of the Resurrection could have something to do with Akito and his story. So far, Akito or the events of the Akito the Exiled spin-off haven’t been referenced at all in the Resurrection timeline. So it is only fitting that they get brought up like this. But the thing is, Roze of the Recapture is stated to be a sequel to Lelouch of the Resurrection. So this might not be true.

Still, there is the fact that Sunrise/Bandai Namco wanted to keep the names of the protagonists of Roze of the Recapture a secret because they’re spoilers. So it is fair to assume that we have heard of those names somewhere before as well.

One thing I am quite sure Roze of the Recapture will delve into is the political situation. Lelouch of the Resurrection kind of stayed away from that. But I think Roze of the Recapture will surely address the situation of the world now that Zero’s Requiem has left a massive power vacuum. It would be really weird if the series didn’t address this because again, it is being marketed as a sequel to Lelouch of the Resurrection.

That is all for now!

Well, those were my random thoughts on where Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture could go with its narrative. I am happy that an anime I adore is still alive in some form and I am very excited to see what these movies have to offer, With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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