Cute Ryo Yamada Sketch, Anime Art of the Week!

Welcome back to another edition of our anime art series! We are back again with some more awesome art pieces this week. Artists work hard to make some really cool pieces, this is how we show our appreciation. Once again, I had to make a tough decision for the thumbnail/keyphrase so I went with Ryo Yamada from Bocchi for this one but all the art pieces are awesome.

As usual, the art pieces are from IG, if there are artists you want us to check out, please comment down below. I will try to embed the links but, if that does not work, clicking the images will take you to the original posts as always. With that said, let’s get started; Can’t wait to show you the Ryo Yamada sketch.

BOCCHI THE ROCK! (ぼっち・ざ・ろっく!) | Character PV - Ryo Yamada (English Subs) -  YouTube

Narumi from Wotakoi

Zeina Yehya is awesome. I have another work from them in this article and both of these sketches are amazing. Narumi is my favorite character from Wotakoi. She’s a woman of culture, straight-up man. I bet she’s really relatable to weebs all over just like me. Plus she’s really cute on top of that, just look at this sketch! She looks adorable!

Hanako from Wotakoi

Soo as I said, another entry from Zeina Yehya. This one’s follows the Narumi sketch, as you can see in the video. That is why put these two together. Hanako is voiced by one of my all-time favorite VAs and I love her character. I love how the artist chose the respective color schemes of the characters for sketching them. The tone shift between this and the Narumi sketch is really apparent and I love it!

Johan Liebert from Monster

Looks like Siksketch my buddy recently picked up Monster. Heh, I bet he’s having a good time. Wish I could watch Monster for the first time once again. But this sketch though man, it looks so good. I love the way he drew the eyes. Johan has this very typical expression, he looks kind but you can tell he has more sinister intentions in mind. He managed to capture that look perfectly in this sketch.

Taiju Shiba from Tokyo Revengers

Sugi-bro is an awesome VA. The characters he voices always become memorable. Just looking at this sketch, I can hear the laughter and the “Hakkai~”. This sketch perfectly captures the slightly mad expression on Taiju’s face. You see that face and you instantly know this guy is bad news. Awesome sketch.

Yamada Ryo from Bocchi the Rock

Bocchi a seemingly random anime took the world by storm and instantly became an iconic anime. We all love the characters in Bocchi and probably one of the more fan-favorite ones is Yamada Ryo. She seems calm and cool on the surface but is actually somewhat of a klutz. This sketch looks so good. I love the details on the hair and shirt. It looks really cute.


Well, that is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Please be sure to visit the artist’s pages and throw them a like, showing them your appreciation. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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