Dangers In My Heart S2 is Picking up! Best Episodes of the Week!

Key points for Best Episodes of the Week – Winter 2024, Week 3:

  • I really enjoyed the latest episode of “The Dangers in My Heart S2.” As an introvert, I could feel Ichikawa’s awkwardness, especially during some low-key panic attack moments. The dynamic with Yamada’s parents added a humorous touch, making it a standout episode.
  • Wow, Classroom of the Elite Season 3 is full of surprises. Sakayanagi’s war on Ichinose and the shocking revelations about a seemingly kind character had me on the edge of my seat. The unexpected twists really added depth to the storyline.
  • Frieren Episode 19 was intense and captivating. The unexpected all-out fight, strategic planning, and the ingenious use of character strengths during the exams created a gripping atmosphere. I’m eagerly anticipating the next episode.
  • I can’t get enough of Yuki’s sweetness in “A Sign of Affection.” Her gesture of creating a hand-drawn guidebook to help Itsuomi learn sign language was heartwarming. This episode provided significant insights into Itsuomi’s character.
  • The outfit designs during the nobility banquet in “7th Time Loop” were stunning. I love the overall aesthetic of the anime, and this episode showcased it perfectly. Learning more about Arnold’s enigmatic character added another layer to the story.

And here’s to another awesome week of the Winter 2024 season. I think I said this in a previous article but, the reason this season is so good is because we have some awesome anime from last season continuing as well. That is along with all the awesome new anime from this season. I put The Dangers in my Heart S2 in the title though because that has been the most surprisingly good anime for me from this season. And this week, it had another banger episode.

That is not all though, of course. Classroom of the Elite Season 3 had another unexpected twist. This season is shaping up to be amazing. Frieren Episode 19 was just awesome, I did a whole article about that and cour 2 recently. A Sign of Affection continues to be cute and wholesome. And 7th Time Loop is back proving why it deserves to have more eyes on it.

So let’s talk about it all. From The Dangers in My Heart S2 to Classroom of the Elite Season 3, let’s talk about it all. Welcome back, this is the 3rd week of the Winter 2024 season, and here are my favorite anime episodes of the week!

Frieren Episode 19

So this one is up first because I talked about this episode recently in a dedicated article. I didn’t expect this arc to turn into an all-out fight but it did. And because of that, the second half of this episode was so much more dramatic. The second half had so much more tension as each group started to plan against another group to qualify the exams. Frieren’s plan to capture the Stille was pretty ingenious as well. She used the combined strengths of herself and her teammates to the full extent to pull that off.

Also, once again, I love the character designs in this anime. Just looking at a character you can imagine their personality. This works so well in situations like these where we are introduced to a bunch of minor characters at once. And yet again, even though they are minor characters, their designs are so good. Awesome episode but I know for a fact that next week’s episode will be even better.

A Sign of Affection Episode 3

To quote a friend of mine “Yuki is sweeter than a cheesecake” and he isn’t lying. I titled last week’s best episodes article “Yuki Itose is Adorable” and that was for a reason. This episode just gave me more reasons to believe both of those statements. Dude, she made a whole hand-drawn guidebook to help Itsuomi learn sign language. I appreciate the fact that he is very excited to learn sign language. I know that he likes learning new languages and cultures, which is why he travels so much but seeing him excited to learn sign language hits different.

Like the last episode was for Yuki’s character, this episode was pretty big for Itsuomi’s character. Through his interactions with Emma, we get to learn about him more. And he had a pretty nice character moment in this episode as well.

7th Time Loop Episode 3

Once again, I have to give credit to the outfit design in this anime. This episode had a nobility banquet so it really got to show off the outfit designs. And sure enough, it delivered. I love the overall aesthetic of this anime. Aside from that, we got to know Arnold a good bit better in this episode. His character is rather enigmatic so whenever we learn something new about him, it feels like a big deal. And what we did learn in this episode will likely be a future plot point as well.

Other than that, Rishe’s character shines in this episode as always. She is putting the experience from her past 6 lifetimes to great use. The way she handled the maid situation was pretty cool. Even Arnold wasn’t expecting what she ended up doing. Not much else to say here. It was just a great episode, that’s all.

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Episode 3

So much unexpected stuff in this episode. Sakayanagi started her war on Ichinose, fine that much I expected to see. I didn’t expect her to be involved with Nagumo though, but makes sense, So Sakayanagi starts spreading these rumors about Ichinose and stuff. One day in the morning though, everyone receives a piece of paper saying “Ichinose Honami is a criminal”. And we’re like all like surely not, right? She is so nice, no way she could do something like that.

Well… the setting of this anime has a way of corrupting even the nicest of people and turns out that those papers were true. I won’t spoil how or why but this certainly opens up a lot of things. We know that Ichinose is holding on to a large number of points and probably tries to save as many points as possible. But for what reason though? We’ll find that out soon enough I guess. I can now understand why Ichinose has refused to take help regarding the matter of the rumors so far.

The Dangers in My Heart S2 Episode 3

Now, I’ve never been in a situation like Ichikawa in this episode but there were certain moments where I could just feel his awkwardness as a fellow introvert. My man was low-key having a panic attack at certain points and I totally understand that. I love the fact that we got to see more of Yamada’s parents and see her dynamic with them. Her dad is well…I swear that is exactly how I will be as a father if I become one that is. The whole gaming segment with Yamada’s father and Ichikawa was funny as hell.

Her father is such a dork, honestly, it is kind of relatable. Awesome episode overall and the last few minutes were pretty awesome as well. I don’t know what Ichikawa’s sister made him drink (well, it was just Amazake) but I am sure Ichikawa will forever regret saying what he said in front of his sister LOL. I love their dynamic as well. The Dangers in My Heart S2 has been great and I hope it continues to be this good.

That is all for now!

That’s another week into the Winter 2024 season. Man, it has almost been a month since 2024 started, can you believe it? Either way, let me know your favorite episodes from this week. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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