Dangers in my Heart Season 2, I was Wrong About This Anime

Key points for Dangers in My Heart Season 2 – First Impressions:

  • I was pleasantly surprised by the significant character development in The Dangers in My Heart Season 2, especially witnessing the subtle changes in Kyotaro and the remarkable growth of Yamada’s character.
  • Despite my initial disappointment with the first half of Season 1, the anime redeemed itself with the last four episodes, setting the stage for a compelling Season 2 that seamlessly continues the momentum.
  • Admitting my initial skepticism, I’ve now revised my opinion, recognizing the anime’s strengths in the latter part of Season 1 and the current impressive run in Season 2. Consequently, I’ve awarded it an 8/10 rating.

If you go back and look, I didn’t have particularly favorable impressions of this series back when Season 1 came out last year. And I don’t think I even did a final review for Season 1 as I ended up dropping this anime on episode 5 or 6. But after seeing the incredible praise for The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 online, I decided to finally finish Season 1 and catch up to Season 2. Mind you, this anime currently has a higher rating than Solo Leveling and A Sign of Affection on MAL. So that made me very curious.

And after going through Season 1 all over once again and catching up to Seaosn 2, I am starting to see why this series is getting so much praise lately. So welcome back to another first impressions article. Today we are talking about The Dangers in My Heart Season 2!

What do I think of The Dangers in My Heart Season 2?

The first half of Season 1 was pretty meh. As I mentioned, I dropped the anime around episode 6 because it didn’t really appeal to me. What I missed out on were the last 4 episodes. The last 4 episodes of Season 1 were really good. Those 4 episodes alone were enough to completely change my thoughts on this anime and Season 2 just continues building on the momentum from those episodes. This is more like a 2nd cour than a proper “Season 2” so it picks up right after the ending of Season 1 which once again, helps the show a lot.

What made the last 4 episodes and subsequently, these 2 episodes of Season 2 so good? Character development. While Kyotaro didn’t change much on the surface, since he doesn’t speak much. But his thoughts and attitude have changed quite a bit. And he slowly has started to speak a little more often than before. There was a time when I didn’t like his character but he has certainly grown on me over time.

Yamada though, god her character development is just amazing. Even the most recent episode, Season 2 Episode 2, was full of great character moments for Yamada. I really like what the show has done with her character and it continues to improve.

That is all for now!

So yeah, I was wrong about this anime. I still do think the first half of Season 1 is pretty bad but the second half of Season 1 and Season 2 so far have been amazing. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Dangers in My Heart Season for now gets an 8/10 from me. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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