Date A Live Season 4 – What we know so far

Date A Live

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So here is an anime I avoided speaking about till on purpose. I just couldn’t get excited for Date A Live 4 for some reason but, I rediscovered my love for this series, and man now I am excited about this. What I did is I basically went back and re-read some of that LN after seeing that the anime is coming soon. I am so glad I did it. Now I am genuinely fired up for season 4.

So well, Date A Live season 4 is coming much sooner than I expected but, hey not complaining at all. I already know what parts the anime will cover so I can have very clear expectations from this. With all that said though, here is all we know till now about Date A Live Season 4.

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What do we know about Date A Live Season 4?

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Right off the bat, Date A Live Season 4 is coming right up in the next season i.e. spring 2022. It was originally planned to air last year but uh… yeah, shit happened and now it is finally coming out. It is being animated by a studio called Geek Toys. They have done some Date A Live stuff here and there and they were also the people who made Plunderer. So it should be kind of fun to see what kind of animations they give us.

We don’t know how many episodes long Date A Live Season 4 will be but, judging on the cast additions the anime will at least cover volumes 13 to 15. Considering it was an average of 4 volumes per season of 24 episodes before this I think Season 4 will also be 24 episodes long. You can check out the latest PV for the anime here.

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So the upcoming arcs of Date A Live are really really good. I don’t think we will get to Kurumi’s arcs but the upcoming 3 volumes that I know the anime will cover have a lot of stuff and world-building in them. If you are curious, the upcoming 3 volumes are called Nia Creation, Muruko Planet, and Muruko Family. As you can judge by the names, these arcs introduce us to 2 new main characters. The story of the arcs follows the standard Date A Live story pattern but, they also present stuff more than that.

If nothing, this season brings us closer to Kurumi’s arcs after which the story and pattern of Date A Live completely changes. It’s like the series kicks up a gear after Kurumi’s arcs so I am more excited for those than these. But still, I like Muruko and Nia so I am happy to finally see them animated.

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That is it for now. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I know Date A Live may not be for everyone and most people just see it as your typical fan service-heavy harem anime but, there is actually a lot of world-building and stuff going on in this series too. Most people just fail to notice these details. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!


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