Date A Live Season 4 – Anime Sequel Confirmed!

Date A Live Season 4 - Anime Sequel Confirmed!

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Date A Live Season 4 – Anime Sequel Confirmed!

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The sequels keep on rolling this year, don’t they?  Yet another sequel was confirmed in the Light Novel Expo this Saturday. Date A Live 4! Because why not? I knew the Light Novel continued for quite a bit after the anime ended but I never did expect a season 4. Oh well, here we are. I have read the light novel after the anime part so I can say that the upcoming part is going to be somewhat good. You know we’ll dive deep into world-building, explanations, and all that stuff. Fan service will be on the peak as always so consider yourself warned if you don’t like fan service. So well here’s what we know so far:

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​What is known about the sequel?

The anime is set to air sometime in October this year (so fall 2021 it is) all of the cast from the previous seasons will reprise their roles. Pretty sure the animation studios are the same as well. Date A Live’s animations are fine. Not too good but also aren’t absolutely crap they’re just fine. Watch the new Higurashi if you want to know what absolute crap animations look like. Well, that is beside the point.

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As for the story, we will be introduced to 2 more spirits (Yay! Harem expansion. No seriously, like Jujutsu Kaisen’s “Domain Expansion”, harem protagonists have something called “Harem Expansion” that they use every now and then when they get bored.) They will have their respective story arcs. Now, both their story arcs combined are barely enough for a 12 episode anime. I am not sure if they will do more episodes but, there is a lot of content left to be covered in the LN. Assuming they do continue after those 2 arcs, there will be the best arc yet.

This arc will explain the origin of spirits, the source of Shidou’s powers, more about Kurumi, and many more things. I won’t say the name of this arc here because it is sort of spoiler-ish. If they do happen to adopt this arc, there will be content enough for a 24 episode anime and I can say with confidence that this will be the best season of Date A Live yet. If they don’t… well, nothing we’ll be able to do instead of more waiting and hoping that the arc I am talking about will get adopted someday. But hey, Hataraku Maou Sama showed us that waiting and hoping isn’t always in vain.

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Sadly, there was no announcement video with this anime, so I have nothing to link here. But still, here is the link to the MyAnimeList page so that you may read the plot summary of the 1st season. I seriously do hope that they make this into a 24 episode anime just to show people that Date A Live is not completely about fan service and can do world-building if it wants (even though it is a little broken in places, but hey, a romance anime doing world-building is a big thing in itself.)Again, this is all I have for now, and will be sure to report back when more news is released. You are sure to check out the site from time to time so that you don’t miss any news or new articles.


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