Delicious in the Dungeon is Weird

Key points for Delicious in the Dungeon First Impressions:

  • I found “Delicious in the Dungeon” to be quite peculiar as it revolves around a protagonist attempting to save his sister by exploring dungeons and cooking monsters, offering a truly unique and odd storyline.
  • Personally, I had concerns about the plot’s lack of urgency, questioning elements like the slow digestion of a dragon. Additionally, the limited world-building in the first three episodes left me wanting more explanations and depth.
  • While I enjoyed the anime’s success in delivering comedy, I felt it fell short in the serious aspects. The protagonist’s quest lacked the expected tension and desperation, impacting the overall engagement. Despite commendable character dynamics and production quality, my rating stands at 6/10 due to these concerns.

The title of this article is literal. Delicious in the Dungeon is indeed very weird. It is about a guy who wants to save his sister but also wants to try out different monsters in the dungeon! Yes, he literally wants to cook and eat different monsters! And completely by chance, he also runs into a dwarf who knows how to cook said monsters! Yes, it is weird and quirky but it is also kinda fun to watch.

I do have a few complaints about this anime though and I will go over them as well. So welcome back to another first impressions article and today I am going to talk about Delicious in the Dungeon. Let’s get started!

What do I think of Delicious in the Dungeon?

First things first, the plot lacks a sense of urgency. It is awfully convenient that a dragon takes a while to digest food and that defeating the dragon will save Laios’s sister. Yes, even though she got eaten by the said dragon. Does the dragon not chew its food? I am pretty sure we saw her in the dragon’s jaws during the first episode. So…? The world-building in the series is very lacking in general. Well, so far at least, it has only been 3 episodes. But we get little to no explanation of how things work. Even though the anime is fun, little things like this irritate me.

I say that because as of now, Laios should be desperate to save his sister. But nah, he is out there hunting monsters and eating them. I know that he was ready to fight the dragon alone to save her. But the lack of tension and desperation takes away from his character.

So, the anime so far kinda sucks when it comes to the serious stuff. But the comedy aspect of things is pretty well handled. It is fun to see Marcille, the only party member with some semblance of “common sense” remaining get gaslit into trying some questionable food. She is my favorite character right now. The other two party members, Senshi and Chilchuck are also great. And the character dynamics in the show in general are great. I would like Laios more if it wasn’t for the things I mentioned above too. So great job on the character and comedy front.

The anime is also quite well produced. The animations and art style are rather good. The opening theme is fun as well.

That is all for now!

Despite all the fun I had watching Delicious in the Dungeon, I cannot give more than a 6/10 right now. The lack of world-building and tension really bugs me. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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