Detective Conan Spin-off Manga Anime Adaptation Announced

Detective Conan Spin-off Manga Anime Adaptation Announced

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Detective Conan is one of the longest-running anime/manga series. It also happens to be one of the most iconic and famous anime. There is a good reason for its longevity and success of course. Detective Conan is one of the few anime series that can be enjoyed by every member of the family. Not only that, the series actually has some interesting plot.

Recently, an anime adaptation for 2 of Detective Conan’s best spin-offs was announced. As a long-running series, Detective Conan does have quite a lot of spin-offs. I won’t say I have read every single one of them but, I have read one of these 2. And I really like so I am happy that it is finally getting an anime adaptation.

Here are all the details we know as of now.

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What do we know about these anime adaptations?

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So the spin-offs getting the anime adaptations are The Culprit Hanazawa by Kanba Mayuko and Zero’s Tea Time by Arai Takahiro. The publishing company opened an official website for each of the anime and revealed a teaser visual and announcement promo for both of them. You can check out the promos here. Again, they don’t have much since they are just announcements. Both of these are among the best Detective Conan spin-offs.

As for the plot, The Culprit Hanazawa is centered on the black-silhouetted criminal that appears in the main series. Zero’s Tea Time follows the everyday life of a triple agent with each chapter focusing on any one aspect of his life. Like Detective Conan, both of these spin-offs are ongoing and the 6th and 5th volumes of each are set to release on 18th October.

Except for that, we know nothing about the anime adaptation as of now. I will make sure to do an article when more information is announced as I am personally interested in them too.

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Here’s where things start getting complicated. You see that anime adaptation of Detective Conan has its… well, “problems”. I’ve seen countless people slamming the anime adaptation because of the fillers and the censorship. I understand where they are coming from and that makes me worried about the adaptation of these.

I have read Zero’s Tea Party and I love it. Even though I am not up to date with it as of now, the idea behind the series is good. The unique chapter division fits really well with the premise and makes it more interesting. So I am curious as to how the anime will deal with this unique chapter division.

Both of these spin-offs do a great job of expanding and detailing the Detective Conan universe.

All in all, I am worried about the censorship and pacing of these anime adaptations but, I am still looking forward to them.

As for the release date, I can’t put a finger on this once but I’d still say “later next year”.

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That is it from me for now. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. Are you excited about these spin-offs or not? I personally have my concerns but I will still give them a chance. As someone who still reads Detective Conan, I’ll say that the anime isn’t as good as the manga. I have to accept that much even though usually I am an anime-supremacist. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!


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